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Darius Twin

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Reviewer: Jason Date: Mar 13, 2002
I came across this game while taking a trip to Oregon, I bought it cause it looked interesting, and that it was. I'm an RPG guy so these kinda 'fly through space' games aren't really my favorites, but I did enjoy this one.

Graphics: 7
Some of the graphics were cool, as I said I don't know much about flying games, but I did like the graphics on this one.

Sound: 5
The music is average. Its hard to compare it to the music of music here is for background, no mood, but I'm sure that for some of you it makes things happen.

Gameplay: 8
Pretty good over all. The controls are pretty smooth and responsive. Each stage is kinda the same, like in all flying games. But hey, it was fun.

Overall: 7
I give this game a 7 overall cause I liked it, it was enough of a challenge to keep me busy and entertained for a while. if you want something classic in a game with a slightly different set up, try this one.

Now, keep in mind, I'm a RPG guy all the way, so as far as I know, this review may be the worst one ever for a game like this, but if it makes you just a bit :)