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Demon's Crest

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Reviewer: Kyle Dixon Date: Jun 5, 2002
I would like to say that this game does not get the respect it deserves simply because its not well known, which makes little sense as it was released by the esteemed Capcom. But I believe it to be one of the top 25 SNES games ever, delivering a gameplay experience similar to Super Metroid and Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

Graphics: 9
Gorgeous colorfully detailed sprites, that is what the SNES was all about.

Sound: 8
The music was great and set the mood well.

Gameplay: 9
Excellent control and a large world to explore and conquer. Again very reminicent of Super Metroid.

Overall: 9
I've played through it three times and I still haven't beaten the final, final, final boss which leads me into my next statement. You must find all items to get the final demon form and best ending, if you can beat the third end of game boss and he is hard.

If you liked Super Metroid the way you power Samus up then you'll enjoy Demon's Crest it's excellent.