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Reviewer: Moca Date: Nov 7, 2002
First off lets me say that this game is bad. Its a 2D side scroller with a bad story line, basic 2D graphics, and not great music.
Story Line.
Basically this game is about these two kids who go to this lab, I guess to watch TV there? Well any way when they turn it on they get pulled into the TV and in this new world then this weird looking thing tells you to return home you need to get somthing back from these guys I dont remember thats how stupid the story line is.

Graphics: 6
This games graphics are normal graphics you would expect for a 2D side scroller. Theres not to much to the graphics as theres not to much to the game. All you do is run around on a ainosaur. All you can do on the dinosaur is jump or punch. Now you cant exactly kill things. Like on the first level while your walking foward some cavemen will run at you. You can jump on the but all that happens is you bounce off them. If you keep jumping on them you'll start to take damage hmmm whats up with that?

Sound: 5
Again the sound is nothing special its just a basic rythem thats repeated through out the whole game. Not much more to say about the sound but its not great.

Gameplay: 4
This games game play is basically the same as the Marios. At the start of the game you get to choose between two characters a boy and T-Rex or a girl and her Flattop. They are both the same for everything like controls and attacks. This game is kinda easy. They add a challenge by giving you so many credits and when you lose all of them you get game over. Its also very short. You can probaly beat it in about an hour or two. If you dont have that time its got a password entry place for you when your done with sad 2D scroller

Overall: 5
A very plan game. Its just taking the idea of Mario and Yoshi but making Yoshi a real dinosaur and you ride him during the whole game. But you can get off the dinosaur and wander off your self. Theres not much you can do off your dinosaur that you can on your dinosaur. There is basically no stroy line in this game except for that short part where the weird thing tells you that you need to get this thing back from these people.

Not a very good game at all. Thats all I can think off for this poorly designed game.