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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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Reviewer: Bruce Date: Jan 16, 2006
In 1994, gamers across the country saw the most miraculous game ever to be had on the SNES. That's right: Donkey Kong Country! This game blew the lid off of what we now call a platformer, and it spun off 2 of the most beloved characters in Nintendo history. It was by far the best game dealing with Donkey Kong himself. Kong was known before, but, he was definitely known now. Shortly thereafter, in 1995, DKC 2: Diddy's Kong Quest came out. This one was just as astounding as the the first. Has a great plot. This time Dixie comes along with Diddy. A most needed companion, I might add. Fans will not be disappointed.

Graphics: 10
The detail on this game is incredible. For SNES! The movements were so smooth. The colors are in your face. This game, like the first, is definitely worthy for being on PlayStation. Gamers will agree that some PlayStation games did not have some of this art work. For those who don't know let me fill you in:In the game instructions/manual of the first DKC, there was a little section in the back on the making of the graphics. It stated that this game(DKC) was designed by Silicon Graphics Inc. The SAME company that did the special effects for Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park. How do you top that? And that was just the beginning.

Sound: 10
Sound was excellent. Lot's of little effects also.

Gameplay: 9
Arguably the best platformer of the year. You start off as Diddy, and through the game collect bananas for (like the Mario coin system) and balloons for extra lives. And then you have other items which are coins. Collect for tips, save points, Funky Kong (who flies you places once your done with an area), and a game show with trivia questions. Then you have Kremkions which are like access coins to other areas and levels. And then the buddy system between Dixie and Diddy which is priceless. There's so much. Play for yourself.

Overall: 10
Overall a great game, and a great sequel. One of the many greatest sequels to great games. All I can say is If you loved the first one you'll like this one.

As far as gameplay, sound, graphics(right on), and storyline. My only disappointment is this. You're not really ever in the jungle like the first. I found that I was homesick for some reason.

Another thing before playing, I found this game to be 10 times harder than the first one. Which in essence is good because you will breeze through the DKC 3. But if you like a challenge from the first, I will guarantee this will do it. Therefore use Dixie most of the time because of her hair-spin. (if jumping is your problem)