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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

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Reviewer: RVD Date: Jul 10, 2006
Well I figure ill give my two cents. Here it is:

Graphics: 8
The graphics were awesome and there wasn't really too much to pick at. I felt that compared to its predecessors, the graphics were a bit too cartoony. Although the blending and other effects were markedly better than the rest.

Sound: 9
Well the sound, again was great, but still I feel some of the back ground music was not quite right for some of the levels. DKC2 had waaay better music, there was an awesome feel to the game which complemented the graphics and story. The bgm I felt lacked the seriousness and urgency that the second game had. But overall, pretty good sound effects

Gameplay: 8
Controls were great, nothing to pick at. It kept the same style as the others. It had a familiar feel and was easy to use. The difficulty level of the game and the secrets were definitely lacking. In this area it was nothing compared to the other two. DKC was by far harder to complete the 100%, providing awesome entertainment value, though much frustration. DKC2 was easy to figure out, but longer and slightly more challenging than the first. DKC3 was way too easy, and THEY KILLED THE WASPS FOR STUPID BUZZERS!! That helped cartoonerize(not a real word haha but you get the meaning) the game. The lost world was way too easy to find and conquer.

Overall: 8
Overall, a pretty good game, worth playing through. Even so, it was too easy and too cartoony. I put it on layby as soon as it came out and finished it so quick. I was kind of disappointed that it was too easy. I mean the last boss is a lame robot, how easy is that. I felt the story was really weak. The world map was a pretty sweet though, well the concept was. Pity the stages were way too easy.

Not an outstanding game, but still great. Worth playing once or twice.


Reviewer: Kirby Date: Dec 4, 2002
When I was scrolling through the games looking for something to do, I was surprised to find that DKC3 (Donkey Kong Country 3) had not had a single review! So I decided to give it one, because of the fact that this game ROCKS!!! If you had played the first two games in the DKC series, you definently want to check this one out. Absolutely stunning!

Graphics: 10
As with the other DKC games, the graphics were created by lots of 3d computer-generated models and rendered graphics. The 3d effect in this game looks so smooth and sharp, it is a wonder more Super Nintendo games weren't made this way. Along with an extremely varied color palette and wonderfully creative levels, you have to see it to belive it!

Sound: 10
The sound is as good as it gets. All of the funny grunts and roars and booms from the old DKC games are here, along with many new effects. The music is, in a way, probably better than the graphics. The music always gives the area you are in the right "feel" for it.
In fact, the music was so good, Nintendo had it on music CDs you could buy, along with games like "Killer Instinct". Once again, you have to see it to belive it. Or rather, hear.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay still maintains a certain level of concentration and hours of playing. The controls are pretty much the same as the other DKC games, also with the addition of a throwing game in which you look over the shoulder of your character and try to hit targets with balls. A boss battle was even made that way! Anyone who plays long enough will be good at the game, which gives all gamers a chance to win.

Overall: 10
If you take Donkey Kong Country and times all of its positive aspects by 3, this is the result. This game was the last DKC game on the Super Nintendo, but it is by far the best. With all of the animal friends from the other games (including some new ones!), tons of secrets to find and items to collect, it will keep you busy for a long time; and its replay value is tremendous!

My only, and I mean ONLY, regret about this game is the fact that Rambi the Rhino is no longer in it.