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Reviewer: kevo Date: Dec 21, 2003
Okay, Doom for PC, snes, whatever. First off, I think this is a great way to express Doom's capabilities. I mean, if you think about it, doom being on the snes is a great way to play the game ( that is, for people who dont even have the computer ). The graphics are not as good, BUT they are good for seeing what the snes can actually do. Game boy Advanced has Wolfenstein 3d on it, and it is supposedly ( no, I haven't tried it yet ) supposed to be a direct port from the PC version. DOOM and Wolf3d are made by the same company, so I would think doom would be release for Gameboy advanced as well, now that's cool because if there were a system more compatible than a laptop computer and fits in the palm of your hand, that would be quite a convenience. Anyways ( im going off the road a little bit here, sorry ), Doom for the Super NES demonstrates the power of this system, and I think this game deserves some respect for the console gaming industry. 10 years ago, I would've never thought I would be able to walk through the shores of hell, or put my knee deep in the dead in a complete VR Environment on a simple and easy to use system.

Graphics: 5
The graphics are blocky ( almost the same as wolf 3d for the snes, which the 2 graphic engines are similarly used ).

Sound: 8
The gunshots are great as well as the monster sounds. It all sounds like the real thing. All the buttons seem to sound like the PC version as well as when you die by a monster ( dying sound ).

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay is excellent, although I've already played it on the PC. But for SNES, it's not bad when you walk through this game on the TV.

Overall: 7
Basically, this game is the same of the PC version, but with lower 3d engine capabilities. The game is good, because if you play any type of game on a game console, it's: more easy to use, easy to play.

What I think they could've done with this game ( and wolf 3d, sorry I keep mentioning this game, but I added this because I thought they could've done the same, too ), is that if they could've made this game 2 players, both of these games could've become A LOT more popular in the gaming industry when these games were released for the SNES.


Reviewer: Some Dude Date: Jun 20, 2001
Im afraid that i am going to have to agree with Sirkakkarot(This is how it is spelt)

The Graphics are blocky, even more than normal from a game that was made almost entirely of pcx files. The Framerate was hideous, there was no sense of true movement. Also, keep in mind that i am a huge doom fan, but the sound was close to the game....which i figure is an 8. anyway thats my opinion, probably the only reason i didnt like it was the framerate and the graphics


Reviewer: Mogu Date: Jun 19, 2001
I have to disagree with Sirkakkarot (bad spelling of Caccurot?)
The graphics are blocky, but less so than any other shooter on the SNES. Overall, the graphics were quite good. In fact, the graphics were only a tiny bit lower quality than the PC.
Sound is awesome. The music, I later went on to buy a soundtrack of (performed live by Bobby Prince, in it's original version, not the game version)
The gameplay is /not/ laggy or jerky whatsoever. Other than the quick turn pace, the game is fine until you find yourself in a single occassion of the game, where it lags from over three dozen monsters at once.

You can't really rate an SNES game unless you rate it as an SNES game, not a PC game.
As an SNES game, Doom is by far one of, if not the, best first person shooter on SNES.
Wolfenstien.. was another story...


Reviewer: sirkakkarot Date: Jun 16, 2001
First of all, let me start this review by saying I loved Doom.....on the PC....and a few other systems. It was an awesome game that started an entire line of clones and ripoffs that continues even today. Few games have matched the fun frantic gameplay of doom. Second of all, I really don't know why Doom was ported to the Snes. Even with the added help of the super FX 2 chip, this game runs like a turd. ID software was determined to port Doom to every system imaginable in order to try to reproduce Doom's PC success. I can respect that, since they are a business trying to make money after all. But the snes??? Come on! Ok enough bashing. If you've never played Doom before, you play the role of a lone, space marine who is out to survive against armies of Hell's minions. Thats the story in a nutshell. On with the scores..

Graphics: 2

This version of Doom has some of the muddiest, pixelated, ugly graphics I have ever seen. If an enemy isn't right up in your face, It looks like a blocky mess. The framerate sucks, the graphics suck, this port of Doom in general just sucks period.

Sound: 9

Well, the sound effects and music are accurate to the PC version, which is a plus. Gunfire, explosions, and the growls of demons all sound like their PC counterparts.

Gameplay: 2

If you want gameplay, pick up the PC version. The snes version is just not playable. The framerate jerks so bad you'll find yourself on the business end of your own rocket more than once. I couldn't muster the courage to play this barker past the first stage.