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Doom Troopers

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Reviewer: Obesator Date: Jul 6, 2001
Bang bang! Oh, his heads off...

'In the year 2000 and something, evil mutant things have taken over the galaxy and your its only hope!' Yes, we've heard it all before. And Doom Troopers is just that. Its a side scrolling platform shooter where you play either as a human with a over the top sized machine gun or a robot with dreadlocks who is only armed with to little pistols, I find that a bit unfair. Basically, you just shoot anything that moves and then theres a boss at the end. Sound simmilar? The graphics are a bit dodgy in places and for some reason it has over the top violence in it. You can shoot a dude in the chest and then his head explodes which I find a bit far fetched. The sound though save it. The guns and missile launchers sound great, almost like the real thing. Mutants scream when you kill them off and its full of sploshes, splurges, and cracking bones. The sound is a very big part in this game. The gameplay is nothing new, after about half an hour you wont have experianced anything spectacular. If your a fan of blood and guts platformers, get this. If not, try it, you might like it. Its a Marmite game really, you either love it or hate it...