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Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan

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Reviewer: Renraku Date: Feb 24, 2002
This is the best DBZ rpg in my opinion, even if it has quite a few problems with it. It can be very fun but also very frustrating and tiring. If you haven't seen DBZ before you won't understand this game very well, but if you are a fan of DBZ you might find it interesting. Even for non-fans, the graphics for battle could keep you interested.

Graphics: 8
The graphics for the main screen are horrible, even for super, but the graphics in battle are excellent. The energy blasts are well done (except all the explosions are about the same)and the monsters are all designed well and are correct for the story. The only problem is that there aren't that many different kinds of monsters. The fact that as the characters power level increases he seems to do newmore cooler attacks is a great part of the game.

Sound: 7
The battle music is repetative, the attack sounds are ok but could be improved, and the world map music is a little annoying. There is no speaking when the special blasts are being done(such as Goku saying ""Kame hame ha"") which makes it a little dull. There is actually some almost good music if you get a game over.

Gameplay: 7
One of the only good things about the gameplay of this game is the fact that if a character dies and isn't ment to come back you can't restore them.(unlike in the final fantasy games)The world map is only a confined square with some land and some water and the square just changes with each new mission. Another good part of the game is how the battle system is based on cards that are random with different strengths and you need to get certain cards to use an energy attack.(the enemys use the same system)There are also certain parts in the game that if you don't do them right you have to totally restart your quest or reload your game. Also the game is hard to understand if you just try to play and not try to experiment to see how it works.(keep reading to get some advice :)

Overall: 7
This game has many problems but the few good things like the battle system can keep you interested. The game is fairly short so you should be able to finish it before you get bored of it(if you get bored pretty easy).

Some things to keep in mind are-

-only the 5 characters that attack can get attacked so if 1 is weak keep him out and he will still get experiance
-try not to lose characters because they wont come back(except goku after raditz)and piccolo is ment to die so don't worry
-if you don't find yamcha quick(around krillen), he will get killed by nappa near the mountains
-look around for extra characters cause there is a few
-remember to use the training houses if you can find them because they can help
-try to build levels a little so you won't die easy when fighting the bosses
-most of all don't give up cause the game is short. It is worth the time you spend


Reviewer: Picafreak Date: Jun 21, 2001
If you are a DBZ fan you would probobly like this game just because it is DBZ. But compared to real RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Zelda, and Seiken Densetsu 3, this game really stinks. It is fun for a little while but then it becomes very annoying. To me, the battle mode in Chrono Trigger is 11 times better and soo less confusing. The plot of Legend of Super Saiyan is not very interesting and the battle music makes my brain hurt after 20 minutes or so. If you want a sweet RPG try any others that I have said. But RPGs aren't any fun if they stink.