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Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

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Reviewer: E. Washkewits Date: Jul 29, 2004
This game is a game that if your looking for kick-butt action, this is it. It takes a long while and a lot of patience to beat it. While in a tournament it's a lot easier. You also don't have to unlock players, they're all there.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are great and not slow. They show a lot of action and also show what the characters look like. They're not the best because you can see some cheap move actions. While the game is telling why the two are about to fight it shows awesome graphics for an SNES game.

Sound: 9
The sound is very good because it doesn't only do one sound for every action. Each has it's own and it even has a great selection of music for the backround. The only bad part is when your character gives a shout for being K.O.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay is good, but it has a weird storyline. It says that the character loses and is turned into a cookie and eaten. There are awesome tournament modes and practice modes. The only bad thing is that I'm not sure if you can do speacial moves like they can. And if you can then it's hard to figure out.

Overall: 10
Even though I gave them all 9's, it deserves a 10 for just a fun game to kick the crap out of others and see the enemies that you hate be killed. It has awesome characters and awesome moves. This is just like the game Hulk for Game Cube that you just get so you can thrash everyone.

The only thing that deserves a low score is the fact that they die thousands of times like Goku and then come back again and again and again!


Reviewer: Sezeroth Date: Oct 8, 2001
What I have to say is... That this is one of the most pitiful fighters I have ever played. The story was decent, but barely applausable compared to the Manga and Anime. The fighting is extremely unbalanced, slow, repetitive, and dull.When you try to move, sometimes you can't because it has to show an extravegant animation of your opponent shooting a fireball. Your guys mostly only have 4 moves, the same moves that every other guy has just with different graphics. Speaking of graphics, that is the only thing that this game has going for it, they are very true to the cartoon... Meaning only a few frames whenever the charecter does something, but they are still good. The music is mostly horrible ambient sounds or beeps. All of the charecters have the exact same sound set, meaning all of thier crys, shouts, and screams sound the same.

I highly do not reccomend getting ANY of the Dragon Ball games, they are just cheap pieces of crap trying to sell out on the popular franchise. It is very pitiful, because these games could be very good based off of such an excellent series.


Reviewer: Sub-Zero Date: Sep 14, 2001
This game has all the characters of DBZ. First you start from Kame's House and you are going to find somebody who has stolen Goku's Son. On your way towards there, you must fight with some monsters. In this game you can beat a lot of Warriors such as Freezer and many more. The game is 16Bit (so the graphics are not so good) and the music which is chosen for the battle ect sux :( But the gameplay is perfect (you can earn expirience points and grow up levels and more)

This game is a must to have



Reviewer: ~Ark-Impulse~ Date: Jun 29, 2001
Great game although it is extreamly short. The story line is very dull and Bandi could have worked on the chars alot more.

This game could have been better if :

-Goku was not ssj2 all the time
-Gohan acctualy could go ssj
-Vegeta isnt always majin
-The story was long like super butoden 1
-More charecters and faster gameplay