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Reviewer: Obesator Date: Jul 6, 2001
Tickle it you wriggler!

If you looked up 'disturbing' in a dictionary you'd probably find a picture of Earthworm Jim. This has to be one of the most strangest games ever, but thats what makes it so good. Earthworm Jim is an over the top platform shooter with disturbing areas, weird moves and even stranger characters. The graphics are great, the colours really bring the game to life. Its just like playing a cartoon. The sounds are groovy (Excuse the pun) and add to the weird ora in the game. Gameplay? Who ever thought that a worm blasting everything in sight and then whipping them with his rope like wprm body would be so much fun? For some reason this crazy idea all fell into place nicley and made a great game. A must have for any gamer.