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Earthworm Jim

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Reviewer: dmhorus Date: Mar 18, 2006
A superb shooter created by the now defunct Shiny Entertainment. While not usually touted in review lists, Earthworm Jim set a milestone in games development and still holds its own in terms of humor, delivery and overall quality. The developers of this game had a love for the characters and situations that shines through to the player. If one ignores graphics alone, this game holds its own against today's comedy/absurdist video games. If you were stranded on a desert island, this game should be one of the five things you bring with you.

Graphics: 10
The graphics in this game are perfect for what they are. Almost every graphic and illustration was drawn by hand before being digitized into the game. Designed by Doug TenNapel, Jim, his enemies and environment are rendered in a wacky, absurdist style which appeals to the nature of the game. Everything works together quite nicely and although many aspects within the game seem "out of place" it does so while working with the established style. I haven't seen graphics compliment the gameplay as well as they do in EWJ. The developers obviously spent a lot of time perfecting the feel of the game and went to a lot of trouble to ensure the best quality animations.

Sound: 10
The best you could hope for in terms of quality. As for purpose and delivery, it works perfectly with the game. More variety than you can shake a stick at.

Gameplay: 10
Absolutely fantastic. The gameplay in EWJ is totally unique and provides excellent replay value. Most levels have numerous methods of completion with each leading to a unique ending sequence or bonus level. The only tedious part in the game is broken up very creatively by a sudden impromptu gameshow! Excellent use of humor as we discover that most levels in the game are a setup to a punchline we see at the end. Levels are varied and diverse, when you aren't in awe of the design itself you are usually laughing yourself silly. There are lots of Easter eggs and I doubt anyone has found them all. Minigames, puzzles and bonus levels break up every chapter in the game and add yet another great aspect to gameplay.

Overall: 10
This is the best game of its kind that I've ever played. For such an obscure title, almost anyone familiar with SNES knows and loves Earthworm Jim. Every aspect of this game ties together well and one is glad that the franchise didn't expand so that we can appreciate the universe presented in the game as a great classic and not a dried up corporate moneymaker. Truly a fantastic title worth its kilobytes in gold.

While most would call this game an "underdog" that is in no means derogatory in the case of Earthworm Jim. If shown to most people who haven't heard of it, they would be pleasantly surprised and wonder how they ever got around without it. Overall a great and fun experience, Earthworm Jim is a delight to play and holds a special place in the history of console shooters in general. All other comedy/absurdist games to follow were impacted by this game. An absolute must-have.


Reviewer: Obesator Date: Jul 6, 2001
Tickle it you wriggler!

If you looked up 'disturbing' in a dictionary you'd probably find a picture of Earthworm Jim. This has to be one of the most strangest games ever, but thats what makes it so good. Earthworm Jim is an over the top platform shooter with disturbing areas, weird moves and even stranger characters. The graphics are great, the colours really bring the game to life. Its just like playing a cartoon. The sounds are groovy (Excuse the pun) and add to the weird ora in the game. Gameplay? Who ever thought that a worm blasting everything in sight and then whipping them with his rope like wprm body would be so much fun? For some reason this crazy idea all fell into place nicley and made a great game. A must have for any gamer.