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F1 Pole Position

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Reviewer: Underbird92 Date: Jan 24, 2004
Id like to review all of the Indy Car/Formula 1 games here on Vimm. So I guess Ill begin with this one.

Graphics: 8
Of the Indy Car/F1 games I've played so far this one is the best in all areas. The cars look alot better than other F1 games such as F1 ROC and F1 ROC II. The Tracks are deatailed realy well too. They almost give a feel of the actual tracks the Formual 1 stars raced on.

Sound: 7
Engine sounds are good, music is good. Making this game good all around in the sound field.

Gameplay: 9
Of the F1 games Ive played this one has the best game play of the genre. Very challengeing, much like Formula 1 auto racing. You can choose from every major Team from 1993 season, and each car has its own engine and body combinations make each car diffent in handling and speed.

Overall: 9
This is the best F1 game I've played on SNES. (so far) If you enjoy Indy Car/F1 games, racing games, or good games in general, Id say this is the one for you.

Another thing that makes this game great for American F1 fans is Michael Andretti. He spent 1993 stuggling in F1 but did represent USA in the most popular form of racing in the world. If you are an Andretti fan, he is in this game.