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F1 ROC: Race of Champions

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Reviewer: Underbird92 Date: Jan 24, 2004
Of the two F1 ROC games this one is the better. But that isn't saying much.

Graphics: 5
The cars are too small and the tracks are too big. Not a big deal to casual auto racing fans, but it ins't staying true to Formula 1 auto racing.

Sound: 8
Sound is the strongest part of this game, with the music and the sound being very good.

Gameplay: 6
The championship mode is realy good. Being able to take the car from track to track and have to win money to keep competing. But the cars are too small and the tracks are too big, making a racing line, wich is critical in real F1 racing, not a big deal at all. Making the game too easy is hurting the game play.

Overall: 7
This is a good game, the better of the F1 ROC games but not the best of the F1 games that ive played on the SNES.

Race of champions? Where are the champions? I dont see any champions. Where are they?