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Reviewer: Zanark M'Hael Date: Feb 3, 2002
Based (loosely) on the War of the Roses in England, you get to play as several kingdoms in 4 scenarios to see who will rule all of England. Each of the kingdoms has different territories, which they can expand through conquest. During battle you control 5 units: offensive infantry, defensive infantry, archers, knights, and a special unit. For some of the kingdoms, the special unit is a powerful wizard. For others it may be mercenaries or monsters that have been hired. The ultimate goal is to defeat Eselred, who controls central England, as well as a powerful fire dragon.

Graphics: 6
The majority of the graphics are rather low scale. You have a map of England, divided into territories during the empire management, and a small random map with little figures representing your army. The game scores points for having nice backgrounds during the fight scenes though.

Sound: 6
Meh. The sounds are mediocre, but the music is somewhat acceptable.

Gameplay: 8
The game is fun if you enjoy turn-based strategy and basic empire management. 4 different kingdoms with 4 different scenarios gives the game a lot of replayability, plus you can play with a friend as well.

Overall: 7
If you can figure out all the different commands available, this game can be a blast, especially with a friend.