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Reviewer: Matt H. Date: Oct 19, 2005
Ah yes, the world of licensed games designed around films based off books, normally a bland world of poorly made games for a quick buck, but every once and awhile a fairly decent game can found if you know where to look.

Jurassic Park is one of those games that despite it's many flaws still manages to be alright.

Graphics: 7
There's nothing to really say about graphics, the majority of the game is in overhead mode, but when you step inside a facility you see things in first-person perspective and for it's time the FPS portion's graphics isn't too shabby, though you can only vaguely make out what some things are when far away details aren't terribly important, all that you need to know is there's an obstacle right there and a dinosaur right there and that's what the graphics enable.

Sound: 8
I always enjoyed the music to this game, I don't know why but I just did, when you're outside all sorts of different styles of music are playing and music can thread together nicely for the most part when the music changes to suit a certain situation.
There isn't much to review in FPS mode since the music is hardly prevalent.
The dinosaur's stomps and roars are faithfully reproduced in this game, perhaps not 100% but to an acceptable extent.

Gameplay: 8
Gameplay, the great equalizer, you can take graphics and sound design, but if at a game's core the gameplay is crap the game will fail.
This game does not fail to deliver the fun but there lies several problems in the game.

First, one of my biggest complaints: you'll be walking along outside shooting at dinosaurs when suddenly a big screen-encompassing message pops up completely obstructing your view stating come very obvious information like "If you see a triceratops run!" which is especially helpful as I'm being chased by a triceratops and don't know where to run because I can't see where I am! Another great tidbit they throw at you through this annoying medium is "be careful! the t-rex is out!" unfortunately this message is never a help to me because by the time the message disappears I've already been killed by the t-rex they were friggin' warning me about!!
The messages are more harmful than good and account for 9/10 of my deaths in this game.

My second biggest complaint: When you're in FPS mode inside a building the A.I. is reduced to a level of retardeness that a thousand bottles of glue can't produce! They just stand there and wait to be killed, the only time they ever move is whenever you get close enough, making it almost entirely useless to put them in the game, the most complex thing the dinosaurs do when no one is around is either stand perfectly still and every now and then a raptor will pace back and forth in a small spot.
I understand the limitations of the A.I. as it is incorporated into a very early FPS on an SNES but it could have been incorporated better, they place these defenseless dinosaurs in the middle of very wide rooms and expect them to be a challenge, if the dinosaurs were in small spaces or narrow corridors they could create a much bigger challenge.

There are many small glitches that I could get into but I don't wish to paint this game in a very negative light, it's just that those two problems are quite prevalent and could've very easily been avoided by the designers.

If you can get past the pop-up and dirt-dumb FPS A.I. this can be a very enjoyable game.

Overall: 8
It's a good game, it brings back fond memories and some people such as myself never get tired of blowing the crap out of dinosaurs.
If you're that kind of person too than you should have no problem wading through it's obvious flaws to achieve gaming greatness.

Good luck, and remember: "Watch out for the dilophosaurus, Grant! Their spit is deadly!".

Just in case you haven't seen the movie or you thought they were spitting candy.


Reviewer: Sonical Date: Sep 15, 2001
Yep, it's an above average game, as all the 7's show, but not by any means perfect.

Jurrasic Park losely follows the movie of the same name. You play the fossil bloke trying to save the park, but they've left out the pesky kids, the tasty lady, and the old geezer so you can just get on with blasting some dinos to high heaven.

A mixture of top down adventuring and Doom style shooting, JP is ...ok.
I quite liked this game when I played it on the SNES, but today, although the outside adventuring is fine, the indoor bits are messed up.

Basically you have to complete various tasks as told to you by people from the film.You must secure the park, find keys to get around the park ,as you try to contact the outside world, so you can get your ass out of there.

Yeah it's quite daft really, but hey, I liked it. You do most of your exploring outside using the top down view, but when you enter a building it changes to a 1st person perspective, doom style. I liked that bit. It was atmospheric at the time, but now its quite jerky and frustrating as youe bloke takes a year and a half to turn round.

Well, the bottom line is that if you can bear that, its an ok game, but there are better games on the SNES than this anyway, so go find something else.