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Newman Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel Mansell

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Reviewer: Underbird Date: May 22, 2004
Nigel Mansell leaving F1 to come to Indy Cars, was probably the biggest thing to happed in Open Wheel racing in the 90's besides the Indy Car split.

Graphics: 5
The tracks and cars don't look bad, but the hands on the steering wheel are laggy and out of sync with the gameplay. Not very dazzleing.

Sound: 7
Music in the game play is annoying. The engine/car sounds are pretty good though.

Gameplay: 6
Game play is pretty good. The AI is very challenging, and smart. Maybe too smart. They make passing very hard by blocking and racing themselves.
The game looses points for not having Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a IndyCar game.

Overall: 5
Not a great game. Only for the diehard IndyCar, Newmay-Haas, or Nigel Mansell fan. Like I said the ratting loses points for not having the Indy 500.