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Reviewer: Giest118 Date: Aug 13, 2005
This has to be the absolute worst game on the Super Nintendo. I mean... just what were the designers THINKING? I couldn't believe it was possible to have a bad SNES game until I played this!

Graphics: 8
Perhaps the only redeeming feature is the graphics. Everything in this game looks relatively nice. But I shall not spend too much time on the graphics. I don't want to sound like I'm praising this.

Sound: 2
Er... this game had sound effects? It must, I suppose. I probably didn't notice them, because of the next category listed.

Gameplay: 1
The gameplay... I'll be frank. I'd rather throw bricks at little children then play this. Maybe they should have had something like that in this game, then I'd probably have given gameplay as high as a 2.... PS: It made me angry that everyone else on seems to have rated it as high as a 4...

Overall: 2
Overall, the graphics are the only redeeming feature. Everything else is absolutely horrible. This isn't even worth playing, let alone buying with your money. Stay away from this.

That is all I have to say on the subject of this game. Again, I implore you... stay away from this. It's not worth your precious time.