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Reviewer: C-Murder_504 Date: Sep 9, 2002
Plok! Strange name, strange game, but a good one. I first played this when i was around 10-11 years old, and i was hooked from the start. The only options (which you can get to after seeing the amazing title screen) are two difficulty settings. Normal, and Childs Play. Choose one, and watch the lengthy intro, bringing you up to date on the story of Plok!

Graphics: 9
The game has a very cartoonish feel to it. Graphics are colourful, bright and interesting. I have yet to see a dull looking screen during this game ( i still haven't finished it!). They fit together very well with the music. Plok himself is a cute little character, who cleverly throws limbs (his own) at his enemies, eliminating the need for guns.

Sound: 9
I was quite impressed with the sound in this game. Most instruments sound like what theyre actually supposed to sound like. Tunes are jolly and upbeat enough to keep you smiling. The music is quite similar in style to that of Spiderman and the X-Men, which had awesome music. Sound effects are quirky and different, but thankfully, not annoying.

Gameplay: 8
Yes, it is the usual platform fare. Run/jump through the stage while shooting at enemies and so on. The levels are nice-looking though and different enough from each other so that its not so repetetive. Secret warps can be found by shooting at pieces of fruit which hang in the trees. Warping to another stage depends on whether you pass the little sub-game they have. You are either in a little helicopter or on a one-wheeled bicycle and you must get to the end of the stage before the time you were given runs out.

Overall: 9
Overall i find Plok! to be a very amusing game which certainly brings back memories of my younger days. It is for younger people though really, but if you want a bit of a challenge and don't mind the cute graphics and wonderful sound, this is where its at :)

Thanks for reading.