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Prince of Persia

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Reviewer: Tricob Date: Jun 24, 2001
If anyone here has the PC or Mac version of this game, you should *still* get this one! :-)

The story: In the Sultan's abscence, Jaffar rules with an iron fist of tyranny. Only one thing stands between him and the throne - the princess. He gives her a choice: Marry Jaffar, or die within the next two hours.

The Prince of Persia, thrown in the dungeons by Jaffar, attempts to come to her rescue.

The game concept - Climb platforms, jump up to areas above, fight guards, find weapons ... It's almost like Role Playing, only with a lot more action.

This SNES version isn't much like the PC version at all - The graphics and animation are greatly improved, and the levels are greatly enhanced. I *won* the PC version several times, and this SNES version gives me new surprises with each and every new level I play! Get it now!