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R-Type III

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Reviewer: Gelke Date: Dec 19, 2001
When I first played R-Type III, I thought to myself, "whoa, a space shooter that actually gives players a decent challenge". After beeting it 5 hours later on the hardest difficulty level, I thought to myself "whoa, a space shooter that actually is too easy once you get some decent firepower going!"

Graphics: 9
The Graphics are nicely done. I think this is about the only thing that deserves praise, because the graphics are true to the series. The graphics on R-Type DX (for GameBoy Color) are even good.

Sound: 7
Typical to the other Games in the series, and after a while, you sort of get sick of it. Actually, the background music is the only bad part. Stage one in most of the games has a certain ring to it.

Gameplay: 4
Too easy. Notable though, is that you actually fly in a direction other then left->right. you travel diagonally and backwards in level 3 (i think). The firepower is too easy to obtain.

Overall: 5
If your looking for a challenge, try Gradius III by Konami. It has limited fire power, and when I look for a game, I look for the best challenge in that specific genre of games. Graduis III delivers this challenge

Try Gradius III before this.