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Reviewer: Megaman Date: Sep 27, 2005
Megaman, Protoman, and Bass learn about a new robot named King who is trying to take over the world. You pick to use either Bass or Megaman while fighting against King's armies.

Graphics: 7
Graphics are not bad, they capture personality of the true Megaman and Bass. Megaman and Bass also have a few cool features to each of them. But the overall look is quite cartoon like than real.

Sound: 4
Some stages could use a different music themes. Megaman's blaster sounds are quite up to snuff, but Bass's gun is a little bad. Boss battle music could be different.

Gameplay: 9
Here is where the true challenge is. In collecting all 100 CDs that contain information on all of the robots that have been created in Megaman's time line including King himself! To find all of the CDs, you'll have to use both Megaman and Bass's skills to find them. However with some special equipment, you'd be able to get almost every CD (four I found impossible to locate).

Overall: 7
The gameplay is really tough, but it is quite fun. Protoman only appears for brief moments in which he gets destroyed (not one of his best moments), but Megaman and Bass both act differently towards him. Protoman still pulls out a good one in the end, by finishing the job that your person could not do. You'll find very good fun in finding all the CDs, and it is quite humorous to see Bass and Megaman work both towards a common goal. But the true coolest feature is that you can buy special tools from Auto and some will be reusable and will keep. And instead of putting in an annoying password you just save a game.


Reviewer: Aiden Date: Sep 2, 2004
This is one of the best megaman games of all on the SNES game system. Although some of the others had certain features that this one does not, they still can barely compare with this great game!

Graphics: 8
The graphics in the game are totally cool, however there are some minor faults such as the fact that sometimes graphics can be very similar from stage to stage. Despite these, All the bosses have different appearances and they are unique in that no boss even slightly ressembles itself.

Sound: 7
The music was good for this game, but there is a matter of repetitivity that can become annoying. Thats where "sound power off" comes in. If the music track becomes aggravating, simply turn it off!
I could have put an 8 on this but for the simple reason that nothing can ever really be perfect and that no matter what excuse there may be, some flaws just cannot be argued.

Gameplay: 7
Again, the game is very much like the others in terms of objective. (1. Get through the level defeating monsters along the way. 2. Enter a new room in which there is a boss that you will have to fight.)
The difference is that there are about 12 different powers that Megaman can aquire and there are many ways to combine these to form an effective strategy against bosses.

Overall: 8
This game is mostly all you could ask of a SNES megaman game. (give or take a few adjustments) You can't really expect there to be plot above, someone trying to take over the world and your character must protect it.

All in all, this is one of the best Megaman games on Super NES.


Reviewer: Lillymon Date: Jun 16, 2001
OK, brilliant.


They're based on Playstation graphics. They rule.


Similar to Megaman 7. Which isn't a bad thing.


It's a Megaman game. Of course it's good!


Big robot called King steals the robot data CDs (what are Dr. Light and Dr. Wily doing there? Am I not being told something?) and plans to create an army of powerful robots and take over the world. Standard Megaman stuff. Still, it's above par with you being able to play Rockman (Megaman) or Forte (Bass).


Owch! Burner Man and Dynamo Man are so frustrating! Only Megaman X3 can rival it.


Brilliant everything.