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Rock N' Roll Racing

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Reviewer: DeaDGoD Date: Jan 1, 2003
The racing game I "cut my teeth on". In otherwords, the first and one of the best I've ever played

Graphics: 9
I like the graphics, the car explosions are cool because you see a few parts of the car bounce out

Sound: 10
I liked the music, it has "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf, "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, "Highway Star" by Deep Purple, and the music form the game Spy Hunter for the Commodore 64

Gameplay: 9
I like the gameplay, it's preety simple, if you've played Mario Kart then you should be able to handle it

Overall: 10
Great game overall

My additional comment is a correction of Groovie Mann's: You hold L+R+Select and scroll right and never press start


Reviewer: Groovie Mann Date: Apr 10, 2002
Rock and Roll Racing combines two of my favorite things, good music and deadly racing. One of the better racing games where you get to shoot up your opponents and upgrade your car parts or your car. You can also choose from 6 or 7 different people.

Graphics: 8
Graphics are pretty good, but could have been better.

Sound: 9
Emulated songs Born to be Wild, Paranoid, Highway Star, Bad to the Bone, and one that I don't know the name of. Pretty good sound quality.

Gameplay: 8
Great gameplay, easy to learn and control

Overall: 9
Overall this game deserves a 9 and a chance.

The best thing about this game is you can be one of the "Lost Vikings" by holding down L+R+Start+Select and scrolling right through the characters on the character select screen