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Secret of Evermore

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Reviewer: Hawksun Date: Nov 29, 2001
I first rent this game a few years ago, why? Because all the other good games were rented out ; i don't regret my choice. Because it was made by the american squaresoft team and because it had more of an American feel to it than other squaresoft games, many gamers thought this game was a stinker but i think they are wrong. most of the people who say that this game sucks haven't even played it so they should shut up.

Graphics: 9
Beautiful graphics are one of square's standard so no problem here. The animations are very well done even tough most spells aren't very impressive.

Sound: 10
From the sounds of weapon clashing to the mosquitoes' buzzing sound the sounds of SoE are some of the best in the snes' library of games. There's not much music in this game beside in towns and some dungeons. Instead of music in the other areas you ncan hear all the ambient sounds such as flowing water, beats and other animals etc... This is so well done that you can think you are present in the game.

Gameplay: 10
Instead of your standard MP magic system, you have the alchemy system. To use magic spells you must learn them and have the right ingredients at the right time. It's a bit complex when you start playing but when you know the system you'll be slinging spells here and there easily and quickly. Also you must earn your weapons, you don't buy them. For the rest the gameplay is exactly the same as secret of mana and is easy to learn.

Overall: 9
SoE is a solid A-RPG that i would suggest to anybody who likes this kind of game. Also you should try the game for yourself even if you hear people trashing this game; chances are that they did not play it.


Reviewer: pepsibeth Date: Sep 11, 2001
Well, this was the first RPG/Adventure game that I played on the SNES (other than Zelda), and I thought that it was great! It's what got me really going on RPG's.

You are a young movie minded boy who gets to explore 4 very different fantasy worlds(there is a pre-historic world, a roman one, a medieval one and a future one). The premise of the story is that long long ago, in a mansion, an experiment went drastically wrong. 4 people in this experiment were transported to another dimension, and each went to a land of their imagination. Now, the magical world is falling apart. Evil beasts and monsters have appeared to cause havoc. You, as the main character, have to explore each land, and fight the bad guys to bring peace back to Evermore.

You have a dog who changes aspect with each land as well. He fights along side of you, and can be a powerful ally. He can also be set to search out hidden items rather than fight.

There are three types of weapons - axes, spears, and swords. (there is a bazooka later on!) Each land has all three types of weapons. Weapons are not bought, but won in battle. Armour can be bought or found throughout the lands.

As for magic, Evermore uses the science of alchemy to cast spells. This is based on the medieval belief that combining certain elements/ingredients will cause reactions/create magic effects. You have to gather ingredients by having your dog sniff them out, or you can buy them. Combining them will allow you to cast various spells, providing you have learned them from one of the many alchemists roaming the land. Each spell has different levels which will make it gain in power.

You must build up levels in this game, as well as accumulate money - each land has a different type of currency. To do this, you must fight! fight! fight! This is actual real time combat, rather than turn based, which I thought made for good excitement in the game.

This game can be zipped through if you just want to fight rather than use spells, as most of the bosses aren't overly difficult. However, if you're like me, and you have to get every weapon to it's top level, and every spell to the top level, this game can provide hours of entertainment. Replayability depends on the person, I guess. I own the SNES cartridge of Secret of Evermore, and I've played it through about a dozen times. After the first few times, playing it over is like watching a movie that you've seen before but really don't mind watching again.

The music is fairly well done, as are the graphics. After all, we're talking 16bit here. Each land has different background music that reflects the era of the world.

I know that a lot of die hard rpg fans consider this one of Square's worst efforts, but I think that it provides a great introduction to rpg's for beginners, as well as a good time for practised players.