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Spider-Man / X-Men: Arcade's Revenge

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Reviewer: C-Murder Date: Nov 19, 2004
Graphics: 7
Ok, so the backgrounds aren't anything special, some would say a bit dull in places. But the game makes up for it with well drawn characters and enemies who move around quite smoothly and fluidly. The enemies are varied and some look quite cool, e.g Master Mold from Cyclops' second level, and the bat from Spiderman's first.

Sound: 10
In a word, AWESOME!! Tim and Geoff Follin, long time artists in the videogame music industry have done nothing short of a perfect job with this soundtrack. Rockin electric guitars wail, glorious trumpets lift your spirits, string sections carve up a storm, and a whole host of other electronic instruments come together to form one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard on any game. These are no crappy 1 minute loops, these are 4 to 5 minute musical masterpieces that fit the game perfectly. All hail the marvelous Follin brothers.

Gameplay: 9
I can safely say I have never played another game like Spiderman and the X-Men. The powers of the superheroes make it very interesting and different throughtout. Spiderman is able to use his webswing in so many different swinging styles, Cyclops shoots laser beams from his visor (aswell as having rather comical kicks and punches), Storm is underwater and can shoot beams from her eyes, Wolverine can jab and uppercut, or whip out the claws, and Gambit can hurl his deadly cards at enemies. You can also pick up special items to perform special moves every now and then.

Beating the enemies is sometimes tough, as there are a deal of different ways to kill each one. The enemies are excellent and to work out how to defeat them is very rewarding and fun. The toughness factor can be irritating occasionally (for example, the boss at the end of Gambit's 2nd stage drives me up the wall. Play it and you'll see what I mean)

Overall: 9
Easily one of the best and most original games I have played to date, with one of the best ever soundtracks of any game. Varied levels, cool enemies, and a large challenge await anyone who has yet to play this absolute classic.

The end sequence is in comic form, and while not spectacular, its worth it to hear the funky music that goes along with it, while you relax after finishing a tough game, that is a very worthwhile play.


Reviewer: Damon Date: Sep 27, 2001
This game is a great challenge. Trying to defeat all 10 levels is actually harder then you think. Its too bad you have to start playing the first level all the time to get to the good stuff, but it doesn't take long. Huge levels and appearences by other Marvel villians make this game great.