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Star Fox

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Reviewer: demoneyes Date: Jun 22, 2005
Ahh Star Fox...this game brings back memories of sitting for hours on end playing through this game on the multiple paths trying to get through each level with a perfect or near perfect score. This was one of my absolute favorite games of all time and I can't even think of this game without a huge smile creeping onto my face. Of all the sequels of this great franchise this one still remains my favorite.

Graphics: 10
What can I say these were colorful, beautiful and just plain stunning graphics. I don't remember the technology that nintendo used to make this game but its all made of geometric shapes and if it was not the first game to use this technology it was close to it. I was amazed when I threw this game into the system and started playing, instantly I was so impressed with the amazing visuals I couldn't stop playing it well that along with...

Sound: 10
The music. It is incredible, I haven't played the game in so long but I can still five to six years later hum the music to the first level. Aside from the music the sound effects are great, the explosions, the sounds of the Arwing, the lasers all of it was the best sound experiece that I ever had with my snes.

Gameplay: 10
Like I said this is the best game that I had on my snes, the gameplay is branching so you can go through multiple paths which vary in difficulty. There is so much replay value in this game you can play through it fifty times and even if you find everything there is to find in this game you will still come back for more. Games just don't come any better than this.

Overall: 10
On the top of my favorite list for my snes I would recommend this game for anyone who likes space shooters. There were no other games that even came close to this game on the snes.