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Super Mario All-Stars

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Reviewer: Ovi Date: Jun 16, 2005
Without question the best collection of Mario Bros. games anywhere. This is a definate must for any SNES game collection, plus you can save your progress on all four games!

Graphics: 10
What more can I say, they are FANTASTIC! Nintendo did an amazing job re-mastering all three original games, and when you compare them with the originals (as if you even need to) you'll be amazed at how much better the games look. This is the way Super Mario Bros, SMB2, and SMB3 were meant to look. Very clean, clear, colourful backgrounds with gorgeous sprites.

Sound: 10
Again, Nintendo really outdid themselves with nice crisp, clear tracks that put the original games' music to shame. It makes them feel like entirely new games.

Gameplay: 10
Mario games never get old no matter how many times you play them. Stomp on stuff, get bigger, shoot fire, fly around, get coins, beat the clock - and do it again in three more games! Also, I haven't played Lost Levels much but it is quite challenging, worth a try and pretty fun itself, so give it a try too.

Overall: 10
What more can I say, this is one hell of a great game. The version with Super Mario World is probably even better, but I just prefer to have both seperate myself. Some people may prefer to have the NES versions because they are more "original", but hey that's okay - the improvements are really clear in these games, and they feel like entirely different Mario Bros. games.

100% fun, add it to your collection now.


Reviewer: Jason Proffitt Date: Jun 21, 2004
Super Mario All-Stars features the original three SNES Mario Games (1-3) and an unrealeased (in the US) offshoot of Game 1.

I won't go into too much detail describing each of the original three. There is lots of commentary on them in other places including here on Vimm's Lair. I will discuss Lost Levels.

Super Mario Lost Levels is a game that plays exactly in the same format and setup as Super Mario 1. It features eight new levels and several new types of challenges including green trampolines that you float on the air with, paratroopers that fly diagonally, and poisonous purple mushrooms that hurt you rather than make Mario transform to Big Mario.

Lost Levels is significantly the hardest game on this cartridge. It is very challenging. Certain hidden warp zones that look like rewards can actually force you to go backwards in game progress, and certain long jumps and paths are very difficult to maneuver around. I'd rate LL as one of the most difficult games I've ever played. It's beatable though; I did it after a lot of attempts.

Graphics: 9
All 4 games on this cartridge had their graphics redone from their original versions with more detailed characters and very picturesque backgrounds. My advice though, is to not stare at them too long, it's a good way to lose.

Sound: 8
Classic Mario sounds that are still in all of our heads. You'll find yourself making up words to the do-do-do-dododo-do, do-to-do-to-do-to, dodododododo

Gameplay: 9
Hard to rate with 4 games in here. I think Mario 2 is the runt of the litter. LL is very challenging, so rate that as you will. Super Mario Brothers and Mario 3 are pillars of the platform.

Overall: 9
I think the world wanted All-Stars, having all 3 classic games in one, along with a new LL. For Mario fans, it's the quintessential collection.

Even if you've played and beaten these 100 times, it's worth checking out just to see the updated graphics.


Reviewer: Dollar Date: Jun 21, 2001
Ok. Let me get this straight. I could easily give this game an utterly perfect 10 for multiple reasons.
Let me start with the updates: Better graphics and sound, of course. There is only one problem with the game. They took out some of the challenge of all of them by adding save features. The originals didnt have them, so we dont need them.well anyway, since this is one of my favorite games, lets get off of the bad stuff (which i might again add that there is only 1 thing) and copliment this game and treat it almost as if it were a god.
Super Mario Bros.: what is there to say? its an awesome game! it has all that a platformer needs! except that it gets a bit annoying at times with its repetition.
Super Mario 2: Ok, where do i start? this is the best platformer in the universe. it has the greatest amount of originality. who would think, throwing random vegetables at enemies to destroy them! cool bosses, huge amount and size of levels, and you can even pick out of 4 characters, each w/ different stats! i dont want to make this long, but just leave it at an extremely awesome game.
Super Mario 3: With even more levels and power ups as 2, it could be better than 2. But i just dont get more of a jolt of fun while playing it. I get the same. in competition, 2 and 3 would tie. The worlds are innovative, like the big world 4. there are also fun mini games, too. as for challenge, i have never beaten this game. world 8 is just a tad too hard, and i really haven't been trying too hard, but when they rerelease it for GBA, ill be all over it.
Lost Levels: Last, but even least, is lost levels. LL is SMB USA in japan because it is their mario2. they didnt release it here because, yes, it is mario 1 with different levels. and they didnt think people would buy it if it was released here. to tell you how much this game annoys me, i wouldnt buy it. mario1 is the classic, its the best out of the 2, and there it stands.

Now after having a refreshing look at these games, dont you think this is a collection of some of the best platformers? Yes, thats exactly what it is. This game would still get a perfect rating from me if it were just Marios 2 and 3, but its more, hence the perfect rating.

If youre a platformer or Mario fan, this game is a must. Even if u just play video games, its a must. Two words that ive said before: GET IT.