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Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World

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Reviewer: VideoGamerZ Date: Nov 28, 2003
Ahh, Mario. Face it, the world would be a terrible place without him. This game has Mario in his prime, in some of the greatest games of all time.

Graphics: 10
Let's face it, super nintendo has decent graphics. While these are no the greatest, they fit the realm of mario perfectly. It sets the atmosphere for a great and simple game.

Sound: 9
What can i say? The music is flawless, the sounds are appropriate, and i can't complain. The only thing stopping it from 10dom is the fact that it can be too joyful, but im a pessimist, so it really dosen't matter.

Gameplay: 10
What's better than perfectly completing a difficult stage? The control is great; you feel as if you are in complete control. One of the only games I know of where you laugh at the clumsy move you just made.

Overall: 9
A gamer's life is not complete without Mario, and this one has all his best games. Bottom line, if you have the means to, get it.

I've spent many hours of my life playing this game, and i don't regret a single one.


Reviewer: Princess Peach Date: Sep 2, 2001
Way back in 1985, a little game by the name of "Super Mario Bros." was released to the world. This game was to revolutionise gaming forever, with it's then original storyline and superb graphics. Then a little later on, the sequel, 'Super Mario Bros. 2" changed gaming even further with it's totally original idea of picking up enemies or plants and throwing them at other ennemies. The final game in this trilogy, "Super Mario Bros. 3", included the ability for Mario to fly, an ability used in future Mario titles. All these games were great on their own, but in Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, they've all been put together on one cart, with greatly enhanced graphics and better sound. Not only do you get these 3 NES classics, you also get "Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels", which was never released in the USA, and "Super Mario World", a SNES Classic! In total you get 5 fantastic games in one!
Princess Peach ;)


Reviewer: Obesator Date: Jul 5, 2001
Porky plumber and pals strike back, good old Nintendo eh?

Nintendo eh? God bless them. What will they think of next? Putting all of the Super Mario games including Super Mario World in one compleate collection, pure bliss! You have the classic jumping antics of Mazza in Super Mario then you can quickly change to the turnip pulling action of Super Mario 2, then slap on a pair of furry ears and a stripey tail and join in the fun of Super Mario 3 and finish of with brand new areas in The Lost Levels. But, oh! Thats not it! Crack open your Yoshi straight from its egg and gobble your way through Super Mario World. All of the classic sounds and tunes are there, the graphics just spew colour at you and the gameplay? Jumping on a Koopa Trooper's head then kicking it's shell into a whole group of Goonbas isn't fun enough for you well I'm sorry my friend, you must have been living in a steel box most of your life. This game is a must have.