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Toy Story

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Reviewer: Obi-Wan Date: Aug 18, 2002
All I can say is: welcome to the worst platform game on the SNES. Is really a shame that a pretty good an succesful license like Toy Story was used to make a really, REALLY bad game, believe me, the last thing you want to do is play it.
I really had to make this review, to open the gamersīs eyes, īcoz the completely loser of Duke said nothing but lies, lies, and more LIES!!!

Graphics: 10
OK, the game looks cute, the game, in fact, IS cute, but is all the good stuff I can say about this game. A very well rendered graphics, and a bunch of pretty colorful stages is the only thing that changes the value of this game, for 0 to 1.

Sound: 1
And I thought something like the sound was invented to make things better, not worse, much worse. All that you will hear are nothing but bad music. The songs are annoying, boring and, after a short period, they will blow your head off. In the case you have to play the game (Iīm sorry for you), just cut off the sound in your TV.

Gameplay: 6
Itīs nothing but the olī platform games style: walking all around a gigantic level, making your enemies eat dust, and evaluate your performance based on the points youīve earned. All the good adventure games follow this parameter, but this title, **YUCK**, itīs so badly adapted that the only thing that will motivate you to keep on going is what will happen in the end. Of course, if youīve seen the movie, then itīs nothing new to see.

Overall: 1
Believe me, FOR GODīS SAKE, DONīT EVER, ĄEVER!, PLAY THIS GAME. I know what Iīm saying, so, please, I beg you, donīt do it, you will pass the most boring time of all your young life, instead of had waisted a piece of your beautiful existence. In the case you say: But it looks cute!, donīt make your existance so hard, thereīs a bunch of other titles with even better graphics than this ""game"", youīll only have to search them.

Nothing, I canīt say much of games like this, whoīre really depressive.


Reviewer: Duke Date: Dec 11, 2001
Here is an incredible game!

Graphics: 10
I was literally blown away when I saw the graphics! They are almost exactly like the movie. And there are lots of moving things in the game.

Sound: 8
The music is pretty cool. It doesn't bore the heck out of you while you play the game.

Gameplay: 8
The game is a tough one without Game Genie codes, some of the levels take too long or are literally impossible. But GG codes make it entertaining if it gets tough.

Overall: 9
The graphics, sound, and gamplay all work together to make quite an eye-popping game.

There's not much more I can say other than it's incredible!