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Reviewer: Jeff Date: Jan 3, 2002
This is perhaps the best, and only, side scrolling racing game ever. Unicycles racing each other and doing tricks to go faster, this is the greatest, most inovative racer I have ever seen.

Graphics: 8
Though the backgrounds need work, the uincycles are the real stars. If you go straight for a long time, the seat of the cycle will start looking around like a head.

The track graphics are simple for a reason, so you can concentrate on the race. But if you pay attention, the track colors will tell you what's coming.

Sound: 10
Sound effects never sounded cooler. After each trick, a cool effect will be played. The music just adds to the intensity of the race and is very well placed, hence the 10 point rating.

Gameplay: 10
I'm amazed no one thought of a sidescrolling racer sooner. It's simple, it's easy to learn and the tracks are more of a surprise and tougher to figure out. Even seasoned players may have a challenge before them.

P.S. You can actully name your uniracers. That's right, NAME THEM! Aside from RPG's, what other SNES game allows you to name characters! Free advice, have fun with the names, because you can change them whenever you want.

Overall: 9
A 9 could not have been more deserving for the one-wheeled wonder.