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Young Merlin

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Reviewer: GreenJelly Date: Nov 8, 2007
I suppose some of my review might be colored by sentimentality due to the fact that I first played this game on the actual cartridge. This game is a fun and entertaining adventure that breaks away from the mold of most other action RPGs.

Graphics: 8
These are some of the prettiest graphics I've seen on the SNES. Everything is colorful and spectacularly detailed. All of the animations are excellent, and the mine shafts sail by pretty fast when you're on the cart.

Sound: 7
Wonderful music that takes ages to get old, and really nice sound effects. The only fault lies in Merlin, yelling "Oww!" about 20 times a second when he's standing on a damaging item. And then he grabs his neck and falls over.

Gameplay: 9
While not exceptionally difficult, you will have to wrack your brains to figure out how to kill some of the bosses, or figure out where to go. It seems pretty obvious once you've done it though. Fights run smoothly and the controls respond well. Not very repetitive at all, unless you keep crashing the minecart. You will be thrilled when you get through that stage, as fun as it is at first.

Overall: 8
Not your reach out and stab someone sword wielding fare, but rather a game that focuses on casting spells. Almost a shooter in that regard, you still have some wonderful puzzles and other adventure RPG elements to look forward to. One of the best action RPGs released on the system in my humble opinion.


Reviewer: NestenFan77 Date: Jun 21, 2001
Young Merlin a type of gameplay that resembles zelda and earthbound and all the others but yet barely ever recognized in the rom world.I probably wouldnt even have ever heard of this game if i hadnt bought it in the previous owned video game section of Blockbuster.Young Merlin is the game for you if you like potions,spells,and adventure.I better warn you before you download this game is pretty long and if your not a serious gamer a wouldnt even get started on trying to beat it because you have a long and difficult road ahead of you.In my book its a great game and deserves more attention.

(((Nesten77's SNES seal of approval)))