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Ys III: Wanderers from Ys

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Reviewer: Stan Date: Mar 30, 2002
Oh man, the first time I played this game, I fell in love with it right away. I love these side scrolling rpg's. You control a guy named Adol, in his quest around a small bit of an unknown country. (It might've said the name, but I probably forgot :P)

Graphics: 8
I would've given the graphics a 6 or 7, but those intro/ending sequences are awesome. Especially for the time this game was introduced.

Sound: 9
I love the music for this game. It gets stuck in my head everytime I play it ;). The sound was done with much effort and care for this game.

Gameplay: 7
Except for the times where you have to level up quite a bit to get past a certain place, the gameplay was great. I could play this for days on end without getting tired of it ;).

Overall: 8
This is one of the better games released for the Snes, and I suggest anyone play it at least once, it's a great game.

This game is one of the absolute best rpgs I've played for the snes, and I hope Sammy makes another one for Playstation :).


Reviewer: kwyjibo Date: Sep 12, 2001
Well, this game does have pretty good gameplay, but it could just as easily been put on an 8 bit system if it weren't for the intro and the ending. A worthwhile game to try and beat though and a pretty alright story, until the ending... That does it right there, one of the best endings in any game, like I said, well worth the effort.