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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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Reviewer: kylehall Date: Oct 28, 2004
Well it's almost Halloween and I thought it would be nice to review my favorite horror-spoof game for the SNES. Back in the day, scary games were few and far between on the SNES and this one managed to stick its head out amongst great horror games. At times cheeky, at times freeky and to be serious at times totally and genuinely scary, this cart makes a full 10 on my list. And here's why.

Graphics: 10
When you look at a lot of the titles back then it's not hard to distinguish the good from the bad. In terms of good I mean Super Mario RPG and Secret of Mana ( and of course this). In terms of bad I mean T2 Judgement Day, Smash TV or Brainlord. This game has great graphics. The little detail drawn into the exploding zombie is amazing. Try pausing the game over and over when you shoot one with the squirt gun to see what i mean. The werewolves, the giant baby, the hockey masked chainsaw killers; all drawn fabulous.

Sound: 10
Do you know what I mean when I say this game has the trademark Konami sound? A lot of games back then had a trademark sound that helped identify the game. A mix of horror and comedy with a little bit of Castlvania-esque tones to it (another Konami game), the sound makes each and every level a joy to hear. I crank up the sound on this one. I especially liked level 2; you can hear zombies grumbling as part of the music. Classic!

Gameplay: 10
What can I say about a game with 40 plus levels? I never beat this one but I never stopped trying! Even now over 10 years later I can still play this game and get enjoyment out of it. The whole thing where your password starts you over with no items sucks but it makes you want to try that much harder to get past the really difficult levels with your big guns. If you have to start over at a later level with nothing, at least you got that far.

Overall: 10
With a perfect combination of sound, gameplay, and graphics, this game is an absolute joy to play. With a million and one cliches and omages to horror movies of the past, Zombies ate my Neighbors is the best darn SNES title out there. Too bad the sequel Ghoul Patrol failed to live up to the excellent standards set here, but more on that later.

I just want to say it's been a joy writing this review and I'm going to play this game right now!!!!!


Reviewer: Sid Vacant Date: Aug 29, 2002
I have played well over 1,000 video games (yes!) in my career as an amateur video game reviewer. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is definately in my top 3. Why? Read on.

Graphics: 9
2D sprites never looked so good. The animations are quite well-drawn, even by today's standards.

Sound: 9
Pretty darn good, considering the game's age. The main music reminds me of that new Oreo commercial music. It's quite catchy. In fact, I haven't played the game with the sound on in over 5 years, and I still remember the soundtrack clearly.

Gameplay: 10
The game's finest point. There is nothing I would rather do on a boring summer day than shoot the %$&@ out of zombies in a mall with a bazooka. The only game whose fun factor is even comprable to Zombies Ate My Neighbors is - oh, wait, there isn't one. Silly me! :-)

Overall: 10
What do you get when you combine a killer (pun intended) soundtrack, a suburb loaded with monsters and a plethora of ridiculous weapons? The greatest SNES game ever made.


Reviewer: Sezeroth Date: Aug 30, 2001
Hey man, I bought this game... For ten whole dollars! Well anyways, I thought this game was pretty good, at about level 30 it gets really repetetive, but still has some good puzzles and monsters, like a big baby, or a doll that chases you with an axe. You start off with a squirt gun, but get better weapons later, like a ire extingiusher, a six pack of sodas, or a Bazooka! I really like style of this game and the music. Great action/adventure game with puzzle elements to play if your bored.


Reviewer: Al Bundy Date: Jul 16, 2001
i think this is one the more fun overhead shooters i have ever played. A few years back i had a lot of fun playin two player with this game. Its the type of game you could sit all day playin but its good, the levels are fun and there is a lot, 100 if i can remember right. The monsters in this game are also cool.. who hasn't dreamed of killin giant ants, and blowin up hundards of zombies inside the mall.


Reviewer: Mogu Date: Jun 20, 2001
Actually, a great game. It's quite difficult, but an excellent shoot-em-up. Funny, quirky, and just the right balance of horror movie parodies. I bought the game myself, after trying it beforehand. Never beat it, it's no easy feat. But the graphics are great, excellent sound, and smooth, simple gameplay.
I recommend it highly.