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Reviewer: elheber Date: Aug 9, 2001
This game is as addicting as most Columbian narcotics are (in no way do I condone the use of drugs anyway). I suspect the music is to blame... I think it has some kind of subliminal message in it because I can't explain how the gameplay gets me hooked.

Grafix: 5: It's a friggin puzzle game it needs no good visuals but having something in there would've been a plus. Peice animation would've definativeliment've made it easier on the eyes.

Sownd: 3: Vanilla Ice couldn't have made worse music, but like his music, there's a kind of morbid attraction to it. I hichly suspect subliminal messages. Turn off the sound channels if you can and turn on winamp.

Geympley: 8: I cant explain it something gets you hooked... I need some water.

Owveral: 6: That's my rating and I'm sticking to it.