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Pokemon: Black Version

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Reviewer: Simon Brick Date: Dec 30, 2018
This is easily my favorite video game ever. The Pokemon, story, region, everything is just so perfect.

Graphics: 10
There are so many beautiful locations, the first to come to mind for me are Opelucid City and all the Bridges, but there are many more. Everything just looks so scenic, and it's easily the region I'd most want to visit in real life.

Sound: 10
I would say this for most Pokemon games, but there are so many great tracks. Route 10, the Credits, Opelucid City, the legendary battles, and many more. Play almost any song from this game, even the incredibly obscure ones like from the Pokemon musicals, and I will recognize and probably love it.

Gameplay: 10
This is another one that I'd give almost all Pokemon games. I love the series mechanics of teambuilding and battling, but for this one specifically, I really like how all the Pokemon were new. When I first played this game, it had this feel of discovery that games like X and Y didn't, and even though the dex may get criticism from many, I love the Pokemon introduced in this game.

Overall: 10
Everything about this game is perfect. The Pokemon, story, everything I love. I think Pokemon peaked when they made this, because they seemed to do the exact opposite of this when X and Y came out. Easily my favorite game of my favorite franchise.