I Heart Geeks1.0-NTR-YJVE-USAnone
I Love Babies1.0-NTR-YJLE-USA5.5
I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover1.0en es frNTR-CV9E-USAnone
I Love Horses1.0-NTR-YWDE-USA10.0
I Love Puppies1.0-NTR-BIIE-USA4.0
I Spy: Castle1.0-NTR-B7EE-USA10.0
I Spy: Fun House1.0-NTR-YP5E-USAnone
I Spy: Game Pack1.0-NTR-TGSE-USAnone
I Spy: Universe1.0-NTR-BIUE-USA10.0
iCarly1.0en frTWL-VICE-USA7.9
iCarly 2: iJoin the Click!1.0-TWL-VIJE-USA5.5
iCarly: Groovy Foodie!1.0-NTR-TCLE-USA6.7
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown1.0-NTR-AIAE-USA1.0
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - Arctic Games1.0en frNTR-TCGE-USAnone
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs1.0en frNTR-CI3E-USAnone
Igor: The Game1.0-NTR-CI5E-USA3.7
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey1.0de en es fr itNTR-BIRE-USA7.0
Imagine: Animal Doctor1.0en es frNTR-YPVE-USAnone
Imagine: Animal Doctor Care Center1.0en es frTWL-VPVE-USAnone
Imagine: Artist1.0en es frTWL-VATE-USAnone
Imagine: Babysitters1.0en es fr ptNTR-CIZE-USA5.5
Imagine: Babyz1.0en es frNTR-YIBE-USA7.3
Imagine: Babyz Fashion1.0en es frTWL-VBAE-USAnone
Imagine: Ballet Star1.0de en es fr it nlNTR-CLBE-USAnone
Imagine: Boutique Owner1.0en es frNTR-CYKE-USAnone
Imagine: Cheerleader1.0en es frNTR-CGEE-USAnone
Imagine: Detective1.0da de en es fr it nl no svNTR-BDVE-USAnone
Imagine: Family Doctor1.0en es frNTR-CZME-USAnone
Imagine: Fashion Designer1.0en es frNTR-YFHE-USAnone
Imagine: Fashion Designer - New York1.0en es fr ptNTR-CFDE-USAnone
Imagine: Fashion Designer - World Tour1.0en es frTWL-VFSE-USAnone
Imagine: Fashion Stylist1.0en es frTWL-VIFE-USAnone
Imagine: Figure Skater1.0de en es fr itNTR-AFQE-USAnone
Imagine: Gymnast1.0en es frTWL-VGYE-USAnone
Imagine: Ice Champions1.0en es frNTR-YQPE-USA5.0
Imagine: Interior Designer1.0en es frNTR-CIDE-USAnone
Imagine: Makeup Artist1.0en frNTR-CP2E-USA6.7
Imagine: Master Chef1.0de en es fr itNTR-A4CE-USA9.5
Imagine: Movie Star1.0en es frNTR-CIME-USAnone
Imagine: Music Fest1.0en frNTR-CNGE-USAnone
Imagine: Party Planner1.0de en es fr it nlNTR-BPME-USAnone
Imagine: Reporter1.0en es frTWL-VRPE-USAnone
Imagine: Resort Owner1.0en es frTWL-VIDE-USAnone
Imagine: Rock Star1.0de en es fr itNTR-CIRE-USAnone
Imagine: Salon Stylist1.0en es frNTR-BATE-USAnone
Imagine: Soccer Captain1.0en es frNTR-CENE-USAnone
Imagine: Sweet 161.0en es frNTR-BP2E-USAnone
Imagine: Teacher1.0en es fr ptNTR-CITE-USAnone
Imagine: Teacher - Class Trip1.0en es frNTR-BTDE-USA8.0
Imagine: Wedding Designer1.0en es fr ptNTR-CW6E-USA10.0
Imagine: Zookeeper1.0en es frNTR-BGZE-USA10.0
Impossible Mission1.0-NTR-AITE-USAnone
Incredible Hulk, The1.0de en es fr itNTR-CIHE-USA8.0
Incredibles, The: Rise of the Underminer1.0-NTR-AICE-USA3.0
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings1.0en frNTR-AUJE-USAnone
Indianapolis 500 Legends1.0-NTR-YI5E-USA7.0
Infinite Space1.0-NTR-C6CE-USA9.1
Inkheart1.0de en es fr itNTR-CTZE-USAnone
Intellivision Lives!1.0-NTR-BINE-USAnone
Interactive Storybook DS: Series 11.0-NTR-A5GE-USAnone
Interactive Storybook DS: Series 21.0-NTR-A5HE-USAnone
Interactive Storybook DS: Series 31.0-NTR-A5IE-USAnone
InuYasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel1.0-NTR-AIYE-USA10.0
Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine1.0-NTR-YIAE-USAnone
Iron Man1.0en es frNTR-YIME-USA7.6
Iron Man 21.0en es frNTR-B2IE-USA7.0
Ivy the Kiwi1.0en es frNTR-BIVE-USA8.3
Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns1.0-NTR-YIZE-USA10.0
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja1.0-NTR-AHSE-USA8.0

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