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Curious George

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Reviewer: Scrapz Date: Nov 3, 2023
Curious George for the GBA is a surprisingly high quality 2D platformer from Torus Games. It is based on the first Curious George movie with some story changes to make the game flow better.

Graphics: 8
Like most GBA games of it's time, Curious George has quality graphics so you always know what you are looking at on screen. Every level feels exactly like what it is trying to be which is important to strive for in the graphics department.

Sound: 7
Unfortunately, this game's sound is held back slightly since the GBA isn't necessarily good at producing quality sound, and it consistently holds back great music (Doom on GBA is a great example). However I would not consider the sound to be bad though, it does its job.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay of Curious George might be simple, but that doesn't mean it isn't high quality. George is able to climb vines and other pole-like objects, as well as swim in water. This allows for a very intuitive gaming experience I would say anyone could enjoy.

This quality gameplay goes hand-in-hand with the level design, which is also high quality with the exception of the penultimate level. Every level is going to feel different from the last in one way or another, whether it be via the level's setting, or by having you test your monkey skills by seeing if you can reach the end of a level fast enough. The difficulty of the levels strikes a great balance between easy and challenging, so that young children can enjoy as well as an older audience like myself, wanting to relive my nostalgic experiences with Curious George while also being challenged.

Overall: 9
Overall, Curious George for GBA is an excellent game that I recommend to anyone willing to try. I recommend you play this game as well, and I hope you have a great playthrough.