GBA The Vault
TitleCart Size
Ace Combat Advance326.0
Activision Anthology64none
Advance Guardian Heroes64none
Advance Wars329.3
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising649.5
Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius vs. Jimmy Negatron, The3210.0
Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, The: Attack of the Twonkies3210.0
Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, The: Jet Fusion32none
Aero the Acro-Bat: Rascal Rival Revenge32none
Agassi Tennis Generation32none
Aggressive Inline64none
AirForce Delta Storm324.0
Alex Rider: Stormbreaker32none
Alienators: Evolution Continues32none
All Grown Up! Express Yourself32none
All-Star Baseball 200332none
All-Star Baseball 200464none
Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms64none
Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys, The32none
American Bass Challenge32none
American Dragon: Jake Long - Rise of the Huntsclan64none
American Idol128none
American Tail, An: Fievel's Gold Rush32none
Animal Snap: Rescue Them 2 by 232none
Ant Bully, The641.0
Antz: Extreme Racing32none
Archer Maclean's 3D Pool8none
Arctic Tale32none
Army Men Advance32none
Army Men: Operation Green32none
Army Men: Turf Wars64none
Around the World in 80 Days32none
Arthur and the Invisibles128none
Astro Boy: Omega Factor648.0
Atari Anniversary Advance327.5
Atlantis: The Lost Empire32none
Atomic Betty64none
ATV: Quad Power Racing32none
ATV: Thunder Ridge Riders327.0
Avatar: The Last Airbender648.0
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth32none