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Zoids: Legacy

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Reviewer: Mattmon Date: May 15, 2019
A surprising gem that has never since been recaptured

Graphics: 7
Graphically the game does have a simplistic overworld pallet. This can simply be ignored due to the battle animations being unique for every Zoid and the diversity of the character portraits. Not a feast for the eyes, but a far cry from offensive

Sound: 8
A fantastic soundtrack combined with weighty combat noises lets you appreciate the giant metal animals you are fighting

Gameplay: 9
As far as turned based combat goes, I feel the system could not be improved upon. Leveling up is diverse enough to customize every feature of any pilot, or allow the game to decide for you for new comers. Every single Zoid you encounter can be built and modified. Gameplay provides a shocking level of depth considering the age of the game and the system it is on.

Overall: 9
Not a perfect game, but there is enough fan service for long time member of the Zoids franchise to appreciate and the gameplay will keep you coming back.

Fans of Zoids will have a much deeper appreciation for the game than new-comers but still a VERY solid JRPG.