R-Racing Evolution  1.02003Namconone
RalliSport Challenge1.02002Microsoft Game Studiosnone
RalliSport Challenge 21.02004Microsoft Game Studios6.0
Rally Fusion: Race of Champions  1.02002Activisionnone
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc1.02003Ubisoft10.0
Rayman Arena  1.02002Ubisoft9.0
Raze's Hell1.02005Majesco Games9.0
Real World Golf  1.02006Mad Catznone
Red Dead Revolver1.02004Rockstar Gamesnone
Red Faction II  1.02003THQnone
Red Ninja: End of Honor  1.02005VU Gamesnone
RedCard 20-03  1.02002Midwaynone
Reign of Fire  1.02002Bam Entertainmentnone
Reservoir Dogs  1.02006Eidos Interactivenone
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War1.02003Activisionnone
RLH: Run Like Hell  1.02003Interplaynone
RoadKill  1.02003Midwaynone
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown  1.02003Capcomnone
RoboCop  1.02003Titus Softwarenone
Robotech: Battlecry1.02002TDK Mediactivenone
Robotech: Invasion  1.02004Global Star Softwarenone
Rocky  1.02002Ubisoftnone
Rogue Ops  1.02003Kemconone
Rogue Trooper1.02006Eidos Interactivenone
RollerCoaster Tycoon1.02003Atarinone
Room Zoom: Race for Impact  1.02004Jaleco Entertainmentnone
Rugby 06  1.02006Electronic Artsnone
Rugby 2005  1.02005EA Sportsnone

Regions:  USA, World
Extras:  Hacked, Translated
Versions:  Newest only
Discs:  First Only