Super Nintendo
7th Saga, The

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 12 Mbit
Serial #SNS-EL-USA

Overall7.87 (70 votes) 

7th Saga, The (USA).sfc
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Official Game Genie Codes
7417-87ADHuman fighter has 50 HP
1017-87ADHuman fighter has 100 HP
A617-87ADHuman fighter has 200 HP
7416-8FADTetujin has 50 HP
1016-8FADTetujin has 100 HP
A616-8FADTetujin has 200 HP
7419-8D0DDwarf has 50 HP
1019-8D0DDwarf has 100 HP
A619-8D0DDwarf has 200 HP
741B-840DHuman mage has 50 HP
101B-840DHuman mage has 100 HP
A61B-840DHuman mage has 200 HP
7411-8DADElf has 50 HP
1011-8DADElf has 100 HP
A611-8DADElf has 200 HP
741C-84ADDemon has 50 HP
101C-84ADDemon has 100 HP
A61C-84ADDemon has 200 HP
7415-8F0DAlien has 50 HP
1015-8F0DAlien has 100 HP
A615-8F0DAlien has 200 HP
F010-8DADHuman fighter has 20 power
F016-84ADTetujin has 20 power
F019-8F0DDwarf has 20 power
F01B-870DHuman mage has 20 power
F011-8FADElf has 20 power
F01C-87ADDemon has 20 power
F015-840DAlien has 20 power
F310-8D0DHuman fighter has 30 MP
F316-840DTetujin has 30 MP
F319-8DADDwarf has 30 MP
F31B-84ADHuman mage has 30 MP
F311-8F0DElf has 30 MP
F31C-870DDemon has 30 MP
F315-8FADAlien has 30 MP
F010-8F6DHuman fighter has 20 speed
F016-876DTetujin has 20 speed
F019-84DDDwarf has 20 speed
F01C-8DDDHuman mage has 20 speed
F011-846DElf has 20 speed
F018-8D6DDemon has 20 speed
F015-87DDAlien has 20 speed
4ABD-84AD + DFBD-87DDStart with 297 gold
E0BD-84AD + DFBD-87DDStart with 62,708 gold
2DBD-84AD + D5BD-87DDStart with 2000 gold
1B10-870DHuman fighter starts with Sword of Anger
1A10-870DHuman fighter starts with Sword of Courage
1E10-870DHuman fighter starts with Sword of Fire
1C19-87ADDwarf starts with Sword of Nature
1A19-87ADDwarf starts with Sword of Courage
1E19-87ADDwarf starts with Sword of Fire
631C-8FADHuman mage starts with petrified staff
6E1C-8FADHuman mage starts with Rod of Tide
6315-8D0DElf starts with petrified staff
BF15-8D0DElf starts with Staff of Brilliance
1B18-840DDemon starts with Sword of Anger
1218-840DDemon starts with Sword of Despair
1E18-840DDemon starts with Sword of Fire