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Super Nintendo
ActRaiser 2

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 12 Mbit
File size 1.06 MB
Serial #

Overall7.41  (29 votes)  

ActRaiser 2 (USA).sfc
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Verified 2021-04-12

1.06 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
D727-4DD1Start with 3 lives on Easy
FD27-4DD1Start with 10 lives on Easy
9D27-4DD1Start with 50 lives on Easy
DF27-4D61Start with 1 life on Normal
D927-4D61Start with 5 lives on Normal
FD27-4D61Start with 10 lives on Normal
9D27-4D61Start with 50 lives on Normal
DF27-4FD1Start with 1 life on Hard
D927-4FD1Start with 5 lives on Hard
FD27-4FD1Start with 10 lives on Hard
9D27-4FD1Start with 50 lives on Hard
DD67-4468Infinite lives
D484-1F66Start with 2 magic pts. on Easy
D584-1F66Start with 7 magic pts. on Easy
DB84-1F66Start with 9 magic pts. on Easy
DF8F-1766Start with 1 magic pts. on Normal or Hard
D98F-1766Start with 5 magic pts. on Normal or Hard
D58F-1766Start with 7 magic pts. on Normal or Hard
DB8F-1766Start with 9 magic pts. on Normal or Hard
3C65-CFA8Infinite magic pts. (must have 1 to cast)
DC8F-1F06Start with 1/2 health
DE8F-1F06Start with 3/4 health
C2B0-CF07Protection from most enemies
C2B2-C7D3Protection from some ground hazards
D7C0-37A7Small magic power-up adds 3 instead of 1
D9C0-37A7Small magic power-up adds 5
DBC0-37A7Small magic power-up adds 9
DFC9-3407Large magic power-up adds 1 instead of 3
D9C9-3407Large magic power-up adds 5
DBC9-3407Large magic power-up adds 9
DFC7-3D67Small health power-ups add 1 instead of 2
D0C7-3D67Small health power-ups add 4
F9C7-3D67Small health power-ups add 15
F0C7-3D67Small health power-ups heal completely
D4C9-3FD7Medium health power-ups add 2 instead of 5
D6C9-3FD7Medium health power-ups add 8
F9C9-3FD7Medium health power-ups add 15
F0C9-3FD7Medium health power-ups heal completely
D4C7-3FA7Large health power-ups add 2 instead of 10
D0C7-3FA7Large health power-ups add 5
F9C7-3FA7Large health power-ups add 15
F0C7-3FA7Large health power-ups heal completely
DDB3-C764All enemies take 1 hit to kill
DD33-476FInfinite time