Super Nintendo
Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 8 Mbit
Serial #SNS-YF-USA

Overall6.88 (17 votes) 

Daffy Duck - The Marvin Missions (USA).sfc
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Disc #
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Official Game Genie Codes
DFBD-1DA4Start with 1 life
Don't set lives on options screen when using the next three codes.
DBBD-1DA4Start with 9 lives
49BD-1DA4Start with 25 lives
9FBD-1DA4Start with 51 lives
DDB3-3404Infinite lives
DDA8-4466Extra lives cost $500
DFA8-4466Extra lives cost $1,500
DD23-34D4Extra life power-ups don't work
D423-34D4Extra life power-ups worth 2
D923-34D4Extra life power-ups worth 5
DDA3-3FA6Extra lives can't be bought
D4A3-3FA62 extra lives for each life you buy
D9A3-3FA65 extra lives for each life you buy
D1B4-3DD7Start with 1/2 health
DBB4-3DD7Start with 3/4 health
D121-CD64Juice cans set health to 1/2
DB21-CD64Juice cans set health to 3/4
DDB4-C764Start with 0 gems
FDB4-C764Start with 10 gems (2 continues)
49B4-C764Start with 25 gems (5 continues)
DDA2-C76CInfinite continues
DD3C-446DGem power-ups worth 0
D93C-446DGem power-ups worth 5 (1 continue)
DDA6-34A6Bought gems worth 0
D9A6-34A6Bought gems worth 5 (1 continue)
DDA8-44D6Gems are free
FDBF-CF64Start with 10 ammo for all guns (except blaster)
9DBF-CF64Start with 50 ammo for all guns
BDBF-CF64Start with 90 ammo for all guns
DD85-17DDInfinite ammo (must have some ammo for the gun to be selectable--use Code 29 start with infinite ammo)
DDAC-4406Freeze gun ammo is free
4DAC-4406Freeze gun ammo is $200
DDAC-44A6Electricity gun ammo is free
F9AC-44A6Electricity gun ammo is $150
DDAC-4706Three-way gun ammo is free
F9AC-4706Three-way gun ammo is $150
DDAC-47A6Bomb gun ammo is free
F9AC-47A6Bomb gun ammo is $150
DDA8-4D06Antimatter gun ammo is free
4DA8-4D06Antimatter gun ammo is $200
4DAE-44D6Bought Freeze gun ammo is worth 20 instead of 10
4DA9-1406Bought Electricity gun ammo is worth 20
4DA8-1466Bought Three-way gun ammo is worth 20
4DAF-C4A6Bought Bomb gun ammo is worth 20
4DA5-C7D6Bought Anti matter gun ammo is worth 20
4D28-4FA7Freeze gun ammo power-ups are worth 20 instead of 10
4D26-1DA7Electricity gun ammo power-ups are worth 20
4D20-C7A7Three-way gun ammo power-ups are worth 20
4D2F-34A7Bomb gun ammo power-ups are worth 20
4D23-3FA7Antimatter gun ammo power-ups are worth 20
DDBD-CF04Start with no nutty attacks
D7BD-CF04Start with 3 nutty attacks
D9BD-CF04Start with 5 nutty attacks
D5BD-CF04Start with 7 nutty attacks
C287-34ADInfinite nutty attacks
DDA8-4F06Nutty attacks are free
0DA8-4F06Nutty attacks are $400
D4BD-C7D4Start with $2500 instead of $1500
D7BD-C7D4Start with $3,500
DBBD-C7D4Start with $9,500
7DBD-C7D4Start with $30,500
DDB4-C404Start with almost no fuel
F8B4-C404Start with 2x fuel
45B4-C404Start with 3x fuel
DDA8-4DA6Jetpack fuel is free
D1C8-14A7Fuel is consumed at 1/4 normal rate
DAC8-14A7Fuel is consumed at 1/2 normal rate
F4C8-14A7Fuel is consumed at 3/4 normal rate
D12B-17D4Fuel power-ups are worth 1/2 as much
FC2B-17D4Fuel power-ups are worth 2x
D1A2-C7A6Bought fuel is worth 1/2 as much
FCA2-C7A6Bought fuel is worth 2x as much
DFB9-1D04Start on level 1-2
D4B9-1D04Start on level 1-3
D7B9-1D04Start on level 1-4
D0B9-1D04Start on level 2-1
D9B9-1D04Start on level 2-2
D1B9-1D04Start on level 2-3
D5B9-1D04Start on level 2-4
D6B9-1D04Start on level 3-1
DBB9-1D04Start on level 3-2
DCB9-1D04Start on level 3-3
D8B9-1D04Start on level 3-4
DAB9-1D04Start on level 4-1
D2B9-1D04Start on level 4-2
D3B9-1D04Start on level 4-3
DEB9-1D04Start on level 4-4
FDB9-1D04Start on level 5-1
FFB9-1D04Start on level 5-2
F4B9-1D04Start on level 5-3
F7B9-1D04Start on level 5-4