Super Nintendo

Players 1
Year 1992
Cart size 8 Mbit
PublisherElectronic Arts
Serial #SNS-RG-USA

Overall8.29 (21 votes) 

Verified 2024-07-09

Disc #
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Title screen

Official Game Genie Codes
223B-07D9Infinite ammo
DFB1-0F6CStart with 1 life
D9B1-0F6CStart with 5 lives
D5B1-0F6CStart with 7 lives
DCB1-0F6CStart with 10 lives
F0B1-0F6CStart with 20 lives
74B1-0F6CStart with 50 lives
17B1-0F6CStart with 99 lives
4A68-04A1Infinite lives
FBB1-07DCFuel starts at 25
74B1-07DCFuel starts at 50
08B1-07DCFuel starts at 75
B1B1-07DCFuel starts at 150
A6B1-07DCFuel starts at 200
D7B1-070CFuel starts at 868
DD63-A409Infinite fuel
D063-A4092x fuel consumption
DFBC-64A9 + DF64-64D1Armor starts at 344
D7BC-64A9 + D764-64D1Armor starts at 856
D0BC-64A9 + D064-64D1Armor starts at 1,112
D6BC-64A9 + D664-64D1Armor starts at 2,136
F0BC-64A9 + F064-64D1Armor starts at 5,208
DD38-6D0FGuns start at 154 rounds remaining
D438-6D0FGuns start at 666 rounds remaining
DB38-6D0FGuns start at 2,458 rounds remaining
F738-6D0FGuns start at 5,018 rounds remaining
4138-6D0FGuns start at 9,882 rounds remaining
DC3A-676FStart with 10 hydras
743A-676FStart with 50 hydras
103A-676FStart with 100 hydras
EC3A-676FStart with 250 hydras
DF33-67DFStart with 1 missile
F033-67DFStart with 20 missiles
7433-67DFStart with 50 missiles
1033-67DFStart with 100 missiles
EC33-67DFStart with 250 missiles
DF3C-676FFaster gun auto-repeat speed
F63C-676FSlower gun auto-repeat speed
D032-6D6FMissiles fly faster
D03E-6DDFHydras fly faster
1038-6D6FGuns do as much damage as missiles
1032-6DDFHydras do as much damage as missiles
EC33-676FMissiles do 250 points of damage
DF39-DF64AK47's do 1 point of damage
D439-DF64AK47's do 1/2x damage
DC39-DF64AK47's do 2x damage
DF3E-A7DFAPHIDs do 1 point of damage
493E-A7DFAPHIDs do 1/2x damage
B13E-A7DFAPHIDs do 2x damage
DF3D-A7DFAAA's do 1 point of damage
DC3D-A7DFAAA's do 1/2x damage
463D-A7DFAAA's do 2x damage
DF3C-AD6FRapiers do 1 point of damage
743C-AD6FRapiers do 1/2x damage
A63C-AD6FRapiers do 2x damage
DF34-A46FVDA's do 1 point of damage
DA34-A46FVDA's do 1/2x damage
7434-A46FVDA's do 2x damage
DF31-AF6FZSU's do 1 point of damage
F031-AF6FZSU's do 1/2x damage
9D31-AF6FZSU's do 2x damage
DF3F-D464Speedboats do 1 point of damage
FB3F-D464Speedboats do 1/2x damage
103F-D464Speedboats do 2x damage
DF37-D4D4Choppers do 1 point of damage
7437-D4D4Choppers do 1/2x damage
A637-D4D4Choppers do 2x damage
DF32-A76FM48's do 1 point of damage
7432-A76FM48's do 1/2x damage
A632-A76FM48's do 2x damage
DF3A-ADDFCrotales do 1 point of damage
743A-ADDFCrotales do 1/2x damage
A63A-ADDFCrotales do 2x damage
DF29-0FDDAK47's have 1 armor point
D929-0FDDAK47's have 1/2x armor points
F029-0FDDAK47's have 2x armor points
DFA7-D76DAPHIDs have 1 armor points
DAA7-D76DAPHIDs have 1/2x armor points
74A7-D76DAPHIDs have 2x armor points
DF83-ADD7AAA's have 1 armor points
FB83-ADD7AAA's have 1/2x armor points
1083-ADD7AAA's have 2x armor points
DFAE-6F6DRapiers have 1 armor points
49AE-6F6DRapiers have 1/2x armor points
B1AE-6F6DRapiers have 2x armor points
DFA9-AFDDVDA's have 1 armor points
74A9-AFDDVDA's have 1/2x armor points
A6A9-AFDDVDA's have 2x armor points
DFAD-DFDFZSU's have 1 armor points
08AD-DFDFZSU's have 1/2x armor points
EEAD-DFDFZSU's have 2x armor points
DFAB-DDDDSpeedboats have 1 armor points
08AB-DDDDSpeedboats have 1/2x armor points
EEAB-DDDDSpeedboats have 2x armor points
DFA7-0DDDChoppers have 1 armor points
08A7-0DDDChoppers have 1/2x armor points
EEA7-0DDDChoppers have 2x armor points
DFA0-646DM48's have 1 armor points
10A0-646DM48's have 1/2x armor points
DFA0-64ADM48's have 2x armor points
DFA3-07DDCrotales have 1 armor points
52A3-07DDCrotales have 1/2x armor points
DFA3-070DCrotales have 2x armor points
DD39-D4D4AK47 bullets fly slower
DD3E-A76FAPHID bullets fly slower
DD3D-A76FAAA bullets fly slower
DD3C-AFDFRapier bullets fly slower
DD34-A7DFVDA bullets fly slower
DD31-A4DFZSU bullets fly slower
DD3F-D7D4Speedboat bullets fly slower
DD37-D464Chopper bullets fly slower
DD33-ADDFM48 bullets fly slower