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Super Nintendo

Players 2
Year 1992
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 427 KB
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Overall6.33  (6 votes)  

DinoCity (USA).sfc
CRC 94152717More...
Verified 2020-07-15

427 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
DFC2-A4941 credit instead of 3--player 1
D4C2-A4942 credits--player 1
D9C2-A4945 credits--player 1
D5C2-A4947 credits--player 1
DBC2-A4949 credits--player 1
DDC2-A494No credits--player 1
DFCF-DFF71 credit instead of 3--player 2
D4CF-DFF72 credits--player 2
D9CF-DFF75 credits--player 2
D5CF-DFF77 credits--player 2
DBCF-DFF79 credits--player 2
DDCF-DFF7No credits--player 2
C260-67F7Infinite credits--both players
7A64-D420Clock runs faster
ED64-D420Clock runs slower
ED64-D420 + DF64-D7F0Clock runs much slower
8269-DF90Freeze clock--must switch off effects in bonus stage
DF6D-D7BD1 play per game instead of 3-- both players
D46D-D7BD2 plays per game--both players
D06D-D7BD4 plays per game--both players
D96D-D7BD5 plays per game--both players
D56D-D7BD7 plays per game--both players
DB6D-D7BD9 plays per game--both players
C26E-6D2DInfinite plays--both players
6DA6-6D69No harm from most enemies
C23B-A7F9 + C232-67B1No harm if swallowed by a monster
D427-6D2DCollect 2 eggs for extra play instead of 50
D927-6D2DCollect 5 eggs for extra play
FD27-6D2DCollect 10 eggs for extra play
F927-6D2DCollect 15 eggs for extra play
4927-6D2DCollect 25 eggs for extra play
5927-6D2DCollect 75 eggs for extra play
BB27-6D2DCollect 99 eggs for extra play
EC6B-DFBERex jumps higher
E66B-DFBERex jumps much higher
EC8A-D793Tops jumps higher
E68A-D793Tops jumps much higher
EC22-DF22Timmy and Jamie jump higher
E622-DF22Timmy and Jamie jump much higher