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Super Nintendo
Dream T.V.

Players 1
Year 1992
Cart size 4 Mbit
File size 351 KB
PublisherTriffix Entertainment
Serial #SNS-VE-USA

Overall4.33  (9 votes)  

Dream T.V. (USA).sfc
Verified 2019-06-15

351 KB
351 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
8FA6-3DA8 + 8FAA-3FA8Almost infinite energy
DDCE-C7DCInfinite lives
D9B8-1F04Start with 5 lives
DFB8-1F04Start with 1 life
D6B8-1F04Start with 8 lives
8F23-3768Monsters take only 1 hit to kill--except skeletons
8F84-17D8Mega-jump--switch off to land again
DDC7-1DD8Can't get hit--some characters are white
4DBD-CF04Start with 2/3 energy--1st life
4DCE-CD0CStart with 2/3 energy--after 1st life
FDBD-CF04Start with1st life has 1/3 energy--1st life
FDCE-CD0CStart with 1/3 energy--after 1st life