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Super Nintendo
F1 ROC: Race of Champions

Players 1
Year 1992
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 512 KB
Serial #

Overall5.25  (8 votes)  

F1 ROC - Race of Champions (USA).sfc
CRC 2a069989More...
Verified 2021-04-12

512 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
BA26-A44FStart player with no money instead of $500
3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + D426-AF3FStart player with $5,240
3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + D626-AF3FStart player with $20,600
3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + 0D26-AF3FStart player with $163,960
3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + 6D26-AF3FStart player with $327,800
3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + EE26-AF3FStart player with $652,920
C9A8-07DDNo damage when hitting walls
C922-0FDDNo damage when hitting other cars
DDEE-6F21Normal tires are free
DDEE-6491Hi-grip tires are free
DDEE-6F91Rain tires are free
DDED-A4912L nitro is free
DDED-A4213L nitro is free
DDED-A7914L nitro is free
DDEE-6721 + DDED-ADF1Ford V-8 engine is free
DDED-AD91 + DDED-ADB1Ilmoa V-8 engine is free
DDED-AD21 + DDED-AFF1Remart V-10 engine is free
DDE3-6791Low DF rear wing is free
DDEE-6D91 + DDEE-6DB1High DF rear wing is free
DDE3-6D21Low DF front wing is free
DDE3-6F21 + DDE3-64F1High DF front wing is free
DDE3-6491 + DDE3-64B1Special-L front wing is free
DDE2-6421Small diffuser is free
DDE2-6721Large diffuser is free
DDE3-6D91 + DDE3-6DB1Special diffuser is free
DDE2-6F21Hard suspension is free
DDE2-6491 + DDE2-64B1Active suspension is free
DDE2-6D91Carbon brakes are free
DDE2-6D21 + DDE2-6FF1Antilock brakes are free
DDEA-64915-speed transmission is free
DDEA-6421 + DDEA-67F16-speed transmission is free
DDEA-6791 + DDEA-67B17-speed transmission is free
DDEA-6D21 + DDEA-6FF1Type 2 chassis is free
DDEA-6F91 + DDEA-6FB1Type 3 chassis is free