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Super Nintendo
Fatal Fury

Players 2 Simultaneous
Year 1993
Cart size 12 Mbit
File size 1.07 MB
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Overall6.5  (12 votes)  

Fatal Fury (USA).sfc
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Verified 2021-04-12

1.07 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
DFA5-64DFWin 1 bout to win the match instead of 2 out of 3--Turn the code off on bonus rounds
FDC7-AFAF10 seconds to complete bonus rounds
7DC7-AFAF30 seconds to complete bonus rounds
09C7-AFAF45 seconds to complete bonus rounds
1DC7-AFAF60 seconds to complete bonus rounds
BDC7-AFAF90 seconds to complete bonus rounds
F6CD-A4AFBoth players start with 1/4 health
7DCD-A4AFBoth players start with 1/2 health
06CD-A4AFBoth players start with 3/4 health
C2A9-D40FPlayer 1 takes minimum damage
C2A2-DF6FPlayer 2 or computer takes minimum damage
For the rest of the codes to work, you must select the West Subway
BAB4-6DAD + D7BC-A46DAlways fight Richard Myer
BAB4-6DAD + D0BC-A46DAlways fight Michael Max
BAB4-6DAD + D9BC-A46DAlways fight Duck King
BAB4-6DAD + D1BC-A46DAlways fight Tung Fu Rue
BAB4-6DAD + D5BC-A46DAlways fight Hwa Jai
BAB4-6DAD + D6BC-A46DAlways fight Raiden
BAB4-6DAD + DBBC-A46DAlways fight Billy Kane
BAB4-6DAD + DCBC-A46DAlways fight Geese Howard