Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy III

Players 2
Year 1994
Cart size 48 Mbit
PublisherSquare Soft
Serial #SNS-F6-USA

Overall8.76 (55 votes) 

Final Fantasy III (USA).sfc
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2.1 MB
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Official Game Genie Codes
D15C-78E5Start Terra with Man-eater equipped
F65C-78E5Start Terra with Excalibur equipped
FC5C-78E5Start Terra with Illumina equipped
FA5C-78E5Start Terra with Atma equipped
435C-78E5Start Terra with Tempest equipped
D35C-78E5Start Terra with Blizzard equipped
F75C-78E5Start Terra with Enhancer equipped
9A58-7675Start Terra with Mithril shield equipped
9258-7675Start Terra with Gold shield equipped
1F58-7675Start Terra with Ice shield equipped
1D58-7675Start Terra with Fire shield equipped
1C58-7655Start Terra with Hairband equipped
1B58-7655Start Terra with Leather hat equipped
5C58-7655Start Terra with Circlet equipped
5B58-7655Start Terra with Mystery veil equipped
5658-7655Start Terra with Red cap equipped
6658-7685Start Terra with Silk robe equipped
6B58-7685Start Terra with Mithril vest equipped
6858-7685Start Terra with White dress equipped
BC58-7685Start Terra with Genji armor equipped
B058-7685Start Terra with Force armor equipped
108C-EF03 + 108C-E4A3All items in shops are free--Switch off to sell items for gold
DDA4-8767Party always has sprint shoes
ED30-E944'Tonic' gives 240 HP
3CB8-5DAEMost items can be used infinitely--Not in battle mode
Switch off to exit menu screen