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Super Nintendo
Firepower 2000

Players 2
Year 1992
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 475 KB
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Overall8.75  (16 votes)  

Firepower 2000 (USA).sfc
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Verified 2021-04-12

475 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
D4B3-1764Start at level 2
D7B3-1764Start at level 3
D0B3-1764Start at level 4
D9B3-1764Start at level 5
D1B3-1764Start at level 6
DF69-1DAFStart with 1 life instead of 4
D469-1DAFStart with 2 lives
D769-1DAFStart with 3 lives
D969-1DAFStart with 5 lives
D569-1DAFStart with 7 lives
DC69-1DAFStart with 10 lives
DE69-1DAFStart with 15 lives
FB69-1DAFStart with 25 lives
7469-1DAFStart with 50 lives
0869-1DAFStart with 75 lives
1069-1DAFStart with 100 lives
8263-4DDFInfinite lives
D765-146FStart with bullet strength at 3 instead of 1
D165-146FStart with bullet strength at 6
D761-14DFStart with flame strength at 3 instead of 1
D161-14DFStart with flame strength at 6
DD61-14DFStart with flame strength at 0
D761-176FStart with plasma strength at 3 instead of 1
D161-176FStart with plasma strength at 6
DD61-176FStart with plasma strength at 0
DF65-1FDFStart with laser strength at 1 instead of 0
D765-1FDFStart with laser strength at 3
D165-1FDFStart with laser strength at 6
DF66-1DDFStart with ionic strength at 1 instead of 0
D766-1DDFStart with ionic strength at 3
D166-1DDFStart with ionic strength at 6
8267-170FLoss of vehicle does not reduce bullet strength
826E-470FLoss of vehicle does not reduce flame strength
826D-170FLoss of vehicle does not reduce plasma strength
826F-170FLoss of vehicle does not reduce laser strength
8264-170FLoss of vehicle does not reduce ionic strength
DF8B-CD07Bubble shield lasts for 4 seconds instead of 12
D48B-CD07Bubble shield lasts for 8 seconds
D08B-CD07Bubble shield lasts for 16 seconds
D68B-CD07Bubble shield lasts for 32 seconds
FD8B-CD07Bubble shield lasts for 64 seconds
C2CB-3FD4Bubble shield on jeep lasts until end of level
C2CF-1464Bubble shield on helicopter lasts until end of level