Super Nintendo
Judge Dredd

Players 1
Year 1995
Cart size 16 Mbit
Serial #

Overall6.81 (16 votes) 

Judge Dredd (USA).sfc
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Verified 2021-11-26

Disc #
1.36 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
EE63-1318Start with all weapons and almost infinite ammo
DF62-1A38Start with 1 life
D962-1A38Start with 5 lives
DB62-1A38Start with 9 lives
C2BE-4A4BAlmost infinite ammo
C2A9-1627Almost infinite energy
C22C-1B2DInvincible after getting hit
DDA9-1CB7Don't flash after getting hit
74A9-1CB7Don't flash as long after getting hit
EEA9-1CB7Flash longer after getting hit
DE6D-C338Start with very little energy on your first life
6D6D-C338Start with half energy on your first life
A16D-C338Start with about 3/4 energy on your first life
DE3A-48B7Start with very little energy after first life
6D3A-48B7Start with half energy after first life
A13A-48B7Start with about 3/4 energy after first life