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Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 667 KB
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Overall7.67  (6 votes)  

Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (USA).sfc
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Verified 2021-04-12

667 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
C96B-1705 + C9B1-4D61Almost no tire wear (causes graphic distortion in the pits)
E481-3467Only 1 lap required on all tracks
D461-4FBAOnly 3 laps required in South Africa
D461-44FAOnly 3 laps required in Mexico
D461-44BAOnly 3 laps required in Brazil
D461-47FAOnly 3 laps required in Spain
D461-47BAOnly 3 laps required in San Marino
D465-4DFAOnly 3 laps required in Monaco
D465-4DBAOnly 3 laps required in Canada
D465-4FFAOnly 3 laps required in France
D465-4FBAOnly 3 laps required in Britain
D465-44FAOnly 3 laps required in Germany
D465-44BAOnly 3 laps required in Hungary
D465-47FAOnly 3 laps required in Belgium
D465-47BAOnly 3 laps required in Italy
D466-4DFAOnly 3 laps required in Portugal
D466-4DBAOnly 3 laps required in Japan
D466-4FFAOnly 3 laps required in Australia
DF62-0953Start in Mexico in the Full Season
D462-0953Start in Brazil
D762-0953Start in Spain
D062-0953Start in San Marino
D962-0953Start in Monaco
D162-0953Start in Canada
D562-0953Start in France
D662-0953Start in Britain
DB62-0953Start in Germany
DC62-0953Start in Hungary
D862-0953Start in Belgium
DA62-0953Start in Italy
D262-0953Start in Portugal
D362-0953Start in Japan
DE62-0953Start in Australia
FD62-0953Start on extra course (stats are for South Africa but the course is different)
DF3E-015AFull season ends after South Africa
D43E-015AFull season ends after Mexico
D73E-015AFull season ends after Brazil
D03E-015AFull season ends after Spain
D93E-015AFull season ends after San Marino
D13E-015AFull season ends after Monaco
D53E-015AFull season ends after Canada
D63E-015AFull season ends after France
DB3E-015AFull season ends after Britain
DC3E-015AFull season ends after Germany
D83E-015AFull season ends after Hungary
DA3E-015AFull season ends after Belgium
D23E-015AFull season ends after Italy
D33E-015AFull season ends after Portugal
DE3E-015AFull season ends after Japan